Succeeding with an Online Marketing Campaign in Thailand: 4 Important Aspects to Consider

Succeeding with an Online Marketing Campaign in Thailand: 4 Important Aspects to Consider

Any online marketing campaign must incorporate local elements in order to see success. Keeping the Thai demographic in mind, the following five aspects are going to be crucial for digital marketers in 2020.

Work with a Local Agency to See Better Results

The importance of local SEO & marketing is paramount because without specific, target-oriented search engine optimization, a marketing campaign would lose direction. Even if it manages to bring forth traffic, the conversion rates will suffer as a majority of the traffic won’t be relevant to the business’s location/services/products/delivery range.

Now the question is if you have a business in Bangkok, do you really need to work with a digital marketing agency in Bangkok? The answer is yes because they will have better experience, knowledge, and understanding in regard to any target demographic in Bangkok. It’s the advantage of having an insider on your side and a foreign marketing agency just cannot provide that. The more localized your digital marketing agency is, the better results you will see because of that.

Marketing via Smartphones

Smartphones must be taken into account for any digital marketing campaign, irrespective of the region; then why is it that Thailand deserves special attention in this aspect?

The answer is quite simple and direct really; The Thai population has the highest percentage of mobile internet users in the whole world.

If you want to succeed with a marketing campaign in Thailand, smartphones need to be taken into account above all else. The following should all be of particular relevance when your target demographic is within the Thai crowd:

  • Dynamic or adaptive web design, or at the very least, mobile-friendly websites
  • Developing a smartphone application for your business 
  • Allowing safe, financial transactions via mobile apps or websites
  • Dynamic email design or smartphone/tablet friendly email design
  • Marketing on Instagram and instant messenger
  • SMS marketing

Android is the Target Platform in Thailand

There are primarily, two smartphone Operating Systems in the world right now, which are, of course, iOS and Android. Given that Apple has little presence in the country, your marketing efforts should mostly be Android OS oriented. There is a marked difference between how Android and iOS works, so, unless the more technical elements of search engine optimization are not focused on Android, you are likely going to lose out.

Facebook and YouTube are the Two Top Social Media Channels in Thailand

Facebook is the number most popular website in Thailand for social media, and the Thai population records incredible YouTube watch times every year, especially on their smartphones. As you can imagine, Facebook pages, posts, and YouTube videos will need to be part of a successful marketing campaign here.

Perhaps the most important prerequisite of developing and implementing a marketing strategy in Thailand is to recognize the difference in habit. What may work in one nation, doesn’t work in another. After all, there is a reason why international market leaders such as Samsung or Apple are not the top smartphone brands in Thailand.

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