Guide to Social Media Marketing

What is the Art of Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing covers many different things, from advertising to direct interaction with users. It can be done both to build a brand and to increase sales.

Typical social media for companies to market themselves in are, for example, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, but services such as Snapchat and Pinterest may be worth considering.

Social media marketing is at best an interesting, useful, measurable and permanent part of the company’s marketing palette.

Be where your customers are

A very large number of people around the world can be reached via social media, regardless of their age, gender, hometown, and so on. SMM is an effective way to start the debate both within and outside the target group.

Social media advertising can be divided into two areas, one for paid ads and one for maintaining a company profile, as well as managing the conversation with users.

Paid ads in social media can be done just like advertising in Google Ads, with very good performance and focus on customer acquisition.

On the other hand, active maintenance of a company’s own Facebook page or other profiles can create a high level of trust among the target group and enable potential customers to actively participate in the dialogue.

The objective of marketing in social media

There are no ready-made package solutions that work just as well for everyone. Therefore, it is important to set goals from the start and test which alternatives work best.

Here are some examples of what can be done on social media.

Spread content on social media

If you publish quality content, you want it to reach as many people as possible. Content can be images, text, videos, or entire pages and can be targeted at your followers, or other groups that are interested.

Social media marketing should always be part of effective content marketing, as quality content is also worthless if no one can find it.

Facebook page for companies

Since Facebook is the world’s largest social media service, it is recommended to have a company profile on Facebook.

You can engage in dialogue with your followers, invite them to share the content you publish and manage some of the customer service through Facebook.

Reach your target audience

In social media, you can target and display ads just like regular banner advertising. The idea is to reach your target audience with the most interesting ads and guide them to your company’s website or online store.

It works especially well if your site is already converting very well and you just need more traffic. If you reach the right people with the right ads, your sales are likely to increase.

Social media conversions

Advertising in social media can attract customers almost as cost-effectively as text ads. If you want to reach as many potential customers as possible with a certain budget, you should measure conversions and target your advertising based on them.

This should be the main goal, especially for newer online stores that have a limited marketing budget.

Advertise your app on social media

An app is only useful if it has users. Social media like Facebook lets you reach the right people when they have extra time to spare. This is the best time to give them a useful app that suits their interests.

You can add an option to download the app into your ads and optimize them by the number of downloads.

Event Marketing

Various events and events can be an effective way to get attention. With Facebook advertising, you can get people talking about your event in advance and collect valuable criticism well in advance.

Advertising events through Facebook is often an effective option, as users are automatically notified when the event is approaching – without the advertiser having to pay again.

Video ads in social media

Social media video ads are a very powerful way to reach people today. One of the reasons for this is that good videos are shared by the viewers.

Although it is not easy to create good and interesting videos, social media is the best place to distribute them.

Social media marketing and its focus

Social media marketing is not just about good ideas and high-quality content. Since it is possible to reach virtually everyone in the world at the same time, targeting plays an increasingly important role.

As with other digital marketing, you can choose many different targeting options in social media. You can show your ads based on interests, age, gender, location or other variables to reach the right audience with the right content.

Keep this in mind when targeting ads:

  • Which audience would you like to reach with your advertising?
  • What type of customers do you have in this target group (customer profiles) and how can you tailor your ads to them?
  • Does targeting align with your goals?
  • Start with a broader focus and scale of what doesn’t work

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