About Veloce Network

Veloce Network is a blog that focuses on business and technology. Founded in 2018, Veloce Network began as a platform to help businesses with influencer marketing. However, over time, it has expanded its coverage to encompass a wide range of topics related to business and technology.

The blog provides valuable insights and information on the latest trends and developments in the business and technology industry. It covers topics such as marketing, startup culture, digital strategies, e-commerce, and more. The website aims to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers stay up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies that can help them grow their businesses.

Veloce Network has a team of expert writers and contributors who share their knowledge and experience through in-depth articles and blog posts. The blog also features interviews with industry leaders and experts, providing readers with valuable insights and advice.

Veloce Network is a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay informed and learn more about the business and technology industry. The blog provides readers with the information they need to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

Veloce Network Team

Dylan Calvin

Founder & CEO

Dylan Calvin is the CEO and founder of Veloce Network. He is a serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in business, marketing, and technology. He has started multiple SaaS businesses and has a deep understanding of the industry.

As the CEO and founder of Veloce Network, Dylan is responsible for setting the direction and vision for the blog. He leads the team and makes sure that the blog provides valuable information and insights to its readers. His expertise in business, marketing, and technology allows him to provide valuable guidance to the team and ensure that the blog stays on top of the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Dylan is also a world traveler and enjoys a nomadic lifestyle. When he’s not at home in Houston, Texas, he likes to explore new places and cultures, which allows him to bring a unique perspective to his work. Despite his love for travel, he makes sure to keep an eye on the operations of Veloce Network and the team is able to work independently and efficiently to keep the blog running smoothly.

Dylan’s expertise and vision have been instrumental in the success of Veloce Network, and his leadership has helped the blog to become a reputable and valuable resource for business and technology professionals.

Angelica Darrell

Customer success & Operations manager

Angelica Darrell is the customer success manager and operational manager here at Veloce Network. In her role, she is responsible for handling customer inquiries and making sure that the operations of the blog run smoothly. She is the point of contact for customers and makes sure that their needs are met and their questions are answered.

Angelica holds a degree in social science, and her background as a journalist has equipped her with the skills needed to excel in her role. She has a talent for communicating clearly and effectively, which is vital for her role as a customer success manager. She is able to understand the needs of the customers and provide them with the information they need.

In addition to her professional skills, Angelica is also a food lover and spends her free time exploring different cuisines. She also enjoys spending time with her dog Jeremy. Her passion for food and her love for her dog show that she is a well-rounded individual who is able to balance her professional and personal life.

Angelica’s skills and expertise have been invaluable to Veloce Network, and her work has been instrumental in making sure the operations run smoothly. Her dedication and commitment to her role make her an important member of the team and a valuable asset to Veloce Network.

Claudia Hamilton


Claudia Hamilton is the editor of Veloce Network. She has been with the team since its founding in 2018 and has been a vital contributor to the success of the blog. Her focus is on writing content related to marketing and business, and she is particularly interested and knowledgeable about social media marketing and SEO.

As an editor, Claudia is responsible for ensuring that the blog’s content is of high quality and provides value to its readers. She works closely with the team to brainstorm ideas for articles, and she writes and edits content herself. Her expertise in social media marketing and SEO allows her to provide valuable insights and information to readers.

In addition to her professional life, Claudia is also a movie lover and enjoys watching films in her free time. She also values spending quality time with her two children, which shows how she has a great balance in her personal and professional life.

Claudia’s contributions to Veloce Network have been invaluable, and her expertise and dedication have been instrumental in the blog’s success. Her passion for marketing and business, as well as her commitment to providing valuable content to readers, make her an important member of the team and a valuable asset to Veloce Network.

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