Being a Social Media Influencer as a Profession

Social media continues to increase in popularity and number of users at a furious pace. Billions of people around the world use social media every day.

Thanks to this, the doors are now open to a whole new industry where you can, for example, work full time with posting pictures on Instagram. But how do you make money on your accounts on social media? What is an Influencer? And who is getting these new jobs?

What really makes an influencer?

First things first, influencers. This describes the profession quite well. You can call yourself an influencer, there are no limits to what that means yet.

But usually when talking about an influencer it is about those who run the big accounts on social media with tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers, “celebrities”.

As an influencer, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are your workplace. Companies pay you to use a product, visit a place or dine in a restaurant. But why? For the person in question to want others to also use that product, visit that place or eat at that restaurant.

In short, it is marketing that the audience actively chooses to take part in because you have a like or look up to the person behind the account. The influencer’s personal relationship with his followers is what makes the message more believable than if it came directly from the company marketing his product.

Why are jobs in social media good / bad?

As with all jobs, a job in social media brings both pros and cons. Many people value freedom highly! You don’t really have any fixed working hours but work according to your own schedule, or possibly according to a schedule that you have done with your partners / customers.

You get lots of fun opportunities, a lot of free stuff and really work briefly with documenting what you do. Because of all these advantages and opportunities, many people forget all the work behind this, it is not just gold and green forests.

You have to be a public person, more or less. Many influencers feel they have no privacy, and in the midst of all the fun free products and experiences, you have a responsibility for what you choose to market and post online.

Not to mention how hard work it really is to maintain the amount of digital channels available today. Usually, you not only work via a channel but update on both instagram, facebook, snapchat and youtube with various materials.

All material should be produced, all texts should be written, videos should be filmed and edited, comments should be responded to, collaborations will be posted and you should then have time to post everything.

One should also be prepared to receive hate and rubbish, as all thousands of followers do not just leave nice comments and peppery words.

In addition, most people who work as influencers are their own entrepreneurs.

This means that you must also have knowledge of finance and accounting. Taxes must be paid, invoices sent and your own salary paid properly. Entrepreneurship is an important part of being able to work independently in the digital and social media.

Where is the industry heading?

There is much talk that social media and influencers are the marketing of the future and that it will increasingly replace the traditional marketing channels.

The trends show that the general public appreciates getting the marketing directly from those you choose to follow.

Often when you actively follow a person you feel that you “know” the person and trust their judgment, they like it I like! Therefore, this type of marketing can be very effective, especially towards the younger target group who are generally more active on social media.

There are many professions that include social media and education in media / communication can also be of interest to you who find it fun with social media!

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