How Social Media Affects Consumer Behavior

Do not write anything online that you would not have put on a large sign with your face on. ”

Today, distance is no longer an excuse for lack of customer communication, with social services such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn expecting consumers to be able to easily contact their suppliers.

However, it is important to understand that different types of messages in different channels affect the customer in different ways through the buying press and it is important for every company to have a clear strategy for which channels and messages to work with, and why.

For most companies, it is a matter of course to be present in social media for the simple reason that you lose money for not doing so.

Social media builds brand awareness, drives website and e-commerce traffic, engages customers and generates sales. Social media creates the opportunity for a real dialogue between customer and company and this two-way communication creates a much closer relationship. However, in the same way, a mismanaged customer dialogue can quickly destroy trust and destroy a customer relationship.

It is therefore extremely important that you take care of the social channels you choose to use seriously, if you are unable to maintain a channel, it is perhaps better not to be in that channel.

From a business perspective, a digital commerce site can be built online that creates huge opportunities to be seen by large potential customer groups. One can offer their products and test concepts for a relatively low cost compared to traditional channels. From the customer perspective, you can now have access to a range that you previously only dreamed of, as well as access to opinions and experience about products from other consumers around the world.

By being able to communicate directly with the company, there are good opportunities for the companies to create loyal customer relationships. Even if a complaint is made, a quick and neat solution to the problem can make the customer even more satisfied than after a normal, pain-free purchase. Solving problems on an open platform can also show other potential customers the high level of service the company holds.

This in turn generates word of mouth marketing which has always been the best, cheapest and most difficult marketing to succeed. No ad is as compelling as a recommendation from another consumer, and with a well-thought out presence in social media, one can reach a satisfied customer’s entire social network with a single click of a button.

Having a clear strategy when it comes to social channels is not something that one can ignore at present. Just a few negative comments or unresolved issues can create a negative spiral that can cost a company tremendously in both money and reputation. In the same way, a good strategy can create huge benefits for very little money.

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