FREE List of 10 Male Social Media Fitness Influencers

FREE List of 10 Male Social Media Fitness Influencers

Looking for a list of male fitness influencers on social media?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Veloce Network is an influencer directory that allows you to filter and find thousands of influencers based on your preferred criteria. All influencers are carefully hand-picked and have to meet a variety of different strict criteria such as high engagement, no fake followers, and quality content to pass our manual sorting system before being granted a space in our influencer directory.

This differs from most other influencer directories because here, you’ll only find quality influencers that will actually help you achieve the results you are looking for. Results with influencer marketing campaigns are achieved with quality influencers and not quantity influencers, and that is why directories that brag about having hundreds of thousands of influencers can be a little misleading because what really matters is the quality of those influencers.

If they don’t have a true influence on people and a real, engaged, audience, it doesn’t matter how many influencers you partner with. You still won’t be able to generate any results.

Therefore, when partnering with influencers, you need to focus on the quality of the influencers and be very picky about the ones you choose. This was something we saw was missing, and we couldn’t stand seeing brands who were partnering up with influencers that had faked their influence by buying a bunch of fake followers and investing thousands and thousands, and then get disappointed that they didn’t meet their goals.

Well, go figure.

This list of 10 male fitness influencers is created with the search criteria “500k+ followers”, “men”, “all the world’s countries”, as well as all the social platforms.

The result?

A list of 10 fitness influencers that are actually worth partnering with as a brand.

Dig in!

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at I’d be more than happy to help, and even present you with more fitness influencers, if you’d like!

1. Michael Kory – @michaelkoryFitness influencer

2. David Laid – @Davidlaid

List of fitness influencers

3. Nathan McCallum – @isnathan

Social media fitness influencers

4. Maxx Chewning – @maxxchewning

Fitness influencer list

5. Steven Cao – @stevencao_

10 social media fitness influencers

6. Issam Santos – @issam_santos

Social media fitness influencers

7. Mike Chabot – @mikechabotfitness

Fitness influencers veloce

8. Nick Wright – @nickwrightnwb

Fitness influencers social media

9. antonao

Free list of social media fitness influencers

10. Simon Hamidav – @simonhrm

Social media fitness influencer

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