3 Effective Tips on How to Choose Influencers to Partner With

Three tips on how to choose influencers!

Why not try to collaborate with some influencer?

Influencer marketing

Not all business ideas are suitable for collaboration, but in many cases it can be the icing on the door that gets sales started seriously. But what should a company think about when choosing its influencer?

Choose someone who already uses the company’s type of product / service so that the posts will be more credible.
Think about what image the influencer has and whether this goes “hand in hand” with your company’s image.

Choice of influencers

In addition to this, the company must also reflect on the size of influencers that have the “right” effect. If they choose big influencers, a collaboration will cost some, but the company can expect that the cooperation will usually have a professional character and reach out to a great many even outside the domestic borders.

If the company instead chooses micro-influencers (up to 10,000 followers) the cost will be significantly lower and generally these do not make as many collaborations, which makes the marketing more credible. They are also usually national, which means that the advertising reaches out locally.

Finally, there is also the choice to use nano-influencers (up to 1000 followers), which may be easier to get started with, especially within your already existing networks. The cost is low and sometimes the contact is enough to get your products exposure.

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