Design Collaboration with Influencers – How, Where, When and Why?

Design Collaboration with Influencers – How, Where, When and Why?

As many of you probably understand, working with an influencer can take many forms. A well-proven and widely popular method is to create a design collaboration together with a suitable influencer. Here, we therefore intended to report on the benefits of this type of marketing effort and how it should be done.

To start at the right end, we must first explain what a design collaboration is. Just like everything else when it comes to influencer marketing, design collaborations can be defined and packaged in different ways. The most common forms of design collaborations are to hire an influencer who together with your own team is involved in designing a product or collection, or alternatively that an influencer only lends / puts his name on the product or collection.

What are the benefits of design collaborations?

A design collaboration with influencers has the opportunity to increase the exposure and awareness of your brand and drive increased sales at the same time. Since the influencer is either involved in designing your product or collection, he not only acts as an ambassador for your brand, but the representation goes a step further and your and the influencer’s brand are welded together.

An important parenthesis here is that in a design collaboration, the choice of influencer is extra important. This is because the person will either have an impact on the actual design of your products or be able to lower or increase the value of the products by putting their name on them. With that said, the right choice of influencer can generate greater profits, broaden your target audience and increase your exposure significantly.

How should a design collaboration with influencers work?

As mentioned above, there are two forms of design collaborations that are more common than others. One involves buying an association value and the other involves licensing. How the collaboration itself can look like varies from situation to situation, but no matter how you choose to set it up, there are important things to keep in mind. To begin with, an influencer collaboration requires clear communication about expectations and requirements. An agreement that clearly sets out the terms and requirements is a and o.

The agreement will be the skeleton for what the entire collaboration will look like. The extent to which the association will be applied and what exactly a licensing would entail must be there. It must be jointly determined how involved the influencer is expected to be in the design process, whether the product or collection requires an approval of the influencer and so on.

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