Influencers’ Influence on the Authenticity of Your Brand

Influencers’ Influence on the Authenticity of Your Brand

The impact of influencers on brand authenticity is great, as you probably already understand. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose which influencers you should work with. They will become an ambassador for the brand and become an important part of how your chosen target groups and personas perceive you.

Influencers’ impact – how big is it?

Being an influencer basically means that you influence, or in other words, influence someone, in this case your followers.

Being influenced by someone is not a new phenomenon. In a buying process, the consumer wants to be inspired and gather the right information, to make an informed decision.

Before the digital age, this step in the buying process was carried out by asking friends, experts or sellers in the subject.

On the digital channels, we decide for ourselves who we should follow, most often the choice falls on someone whose style we like and / or who we are inspired by. The buying behavior is part of our identity and since the influencer acts as a role model, we want to follow their behavior.

Although we humans want to be unique, we seek belonging. Therefore, we are happy to follow trends to be accepted by the group we want to be identified with. If we make the wrong decision in the buying process, it can ruin our image.

If we instead allow ourselves to be influenced by friends we trust or experts in the subject, the risk of the image being destroyed decreases.

Followers can be influenced by larger accounts on instagram because the recognition factor means that they create a relationship with influencers.

Fans thus see the person as a close friend to trust and have confidence in their choice. Confidence means that the influencer has an influence on followers’ buying decisions and their lifestyle.

Tips for choosing the right influencer

There are some criteria that can help you find the right influencer for your brand. The first is to find an influencer who has a follower base that can be compared to your target audience.

Also examine how loyal the influencer has been in previous collaborations. Has the person represented a brand for a long time or does it tend to switch between different ones.

The mutual respect that grows through a long and loyal relationship will give your target audience better content.

For it to be a good collaboration, the brand’s identity needs to match the influencer’s personality. It is important to clearly present the brand’s identity. Then the inluencer gets a greater understanding and can relate to your brand.

It is also important that you go on feeling, the influencer is committed to your brand and comes up with your own ideas, the collaboration will work better and become more credible! A credible collaboration leads to the followers being inspired and wanting to follow the influencer.

Does it feel time consuming or unsafe to find the right influencer for your brand and your products / services? Contact an influencer marketing agency!

Then you get help to match with the right influencer, you avoid a lot of administration and can be one hundred percent sure that laws and regulations are followed.

How do you maintain the brand’s authenticity?

It is important for both the brand and the influencer to maintain their credibility. If you succeed with that, you get the best effect from your collaboration.

When the personalities match, you create a good basis for a long-term collaboration. A long-term relationship between influencer and brand is also perceived by followers and consumers as more credible.

If you choose to have a long-term collaboration with an influencer, he will be seen as an ambassador for your brand.

When the brand and the influencer share the same values ​​and image, the chance of finding your target group in its following base is greater. If the followers correspond to the target group, the collaboration will lead to increased brand awareness and sales will increase.

It must also be credible that the chosen influencer has use of the product or brand in his everyday life. It’s not just about finding a partner who has a high number of followers.

It can be more profitable to choose an influencer with a lower number of followers because their lifestyle and flow suits your product better.

To give an example: I have a company that sells prams, then it is not appropriate to work with a person who does not have children. Or if I have positioned the pram as a city pram, then a collaboration with someone who lives in the city is more credible.

What can you do to make the impact of influencers positive?

Even though you as an entrepreneur have a goal image and the desire for what the content should look like, it is important not to limit everything, trust your choice of influencer.

After all, it is influencers’ unique content that influences and engages followers that we want to retain. If we can combine the unique content with the brand and message, the collaboration will be more credible.

The influencer has great knowledge of what is appreciated by its followers and can therefore provide important insights to you and your brand.

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