How Does Marketing via Influencers Work?

Influencer marketing is the latest – and hottest – in marketing. Do the right thing and reach a dedicated audience effectively with influencers.

In the early 90’s came the first blog and the phenomenon spread like wildfire. At the beginning of the 2000s, there are statistics that show that around 120,000 blogs were started a day (!).

Not all bloggers have been automatically transformed into influencers. Influencers are those who for many years, with interesting material, systematics and hard work, have built up a relationship with a loyal group of followers. When the profile likes something, the followers usually like it too, much like getting advice from a good friend.

The value of influencer marketing

You should not work with influencers just because it is the hottest right now, but because you realize the value of it and because it fits your product.

Start by checking if someone has written about your products already – do you have a “fan”? In that case, it may be a good opportunity to start a longer collaboration. Then there is already a person who is positive.

Relevant to the brand

Do not to turn to the best known. In most cases it will be very expensive. The keyword here is relevance.

Find the right person for your particular brand, it may be someone who does not have a lot of followers but is very niche. If you want to sell organic soap, it is better to choose a person who blogs about organic skin care, than to choose one of the most famous blogs. The range there is great, but it costs a lot and you shoot many “loose shots”.

Two ways to work with influencers

There are two approaches. You can send out a product sample without the requirement for consideration or buy an advertisement from an influencer and have a dialogue about what to write, what pictures to display and so on.

You are not guaranteed a post if you send out a product sample. I think you should think like this: what does this test cost? Do you expect to get a commercial for that amount?

It does not matter that you do not control how everything workS. The most important thing is to respect the creator and the channel.

Do your research and then get in touch. Email and tell me that you like the blog and that you want to start a collaboration. Ask for a quote.

Avoid common pitfalls

A big mistake is to value the channels and people too low.

This is not like going to a daily newspaper and putting a sham on an ad place, this is personal. Bloggers also talk to each other, so it’s very easy to get a bad reputation if you don’t do it.

So you can do your own research and find the profile (s) that fit with the product you want to market. If you have a bigger budget you can turn to an influencer agency.

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