What is an Association Value & How Important is it?

What is an Association Value & How Important is it?

When talking about influencer marketing, one will inevitably get into association value. However, it is not always easy to understand what it means and why it is important to keep track of.

What is an association value?

One of the effects you can get when you collaborate with an influencer in different ways is an association value. When your brand is associated with a particular influencer, an association value arises. It happens when the influencer’s opinions, values and trust are transferred to you and your brand.

Association value has been difficult for many to grasp. One may have even avoided investing in influencer marketing because it has been more difficult to prove than other more measurable forms of marketing. Influencer marketing is of course measurable in lots of other ways, such as via clicks, readings and new visitors, but an association value exceeds all that and can generate more results over a longer period of time.

What is it worth?

In the past, it has been difficult to measure association value. The discussion on the subject has long existed in other segments such as sponsorship in sports and the like. However, more and more studies have been done and it has been possible to prove that association has a great value for a brand. It has been shown that it increases a brand’s likeability, that it has the greatest impact within the influencer’s specific target group, but that it also has an effect on both national and sometimes international level in less committed target groups and that natural connection and relevance between the brand and influencer increases association value.

It is therefore not possible to say exactly what the association value is worth. On the other hand, it can be said that value has the potential to be invaluable to a brand. The longer you work with an influencer, the greater your association value. A value that can continue to generate profit long after the collaboration has ended.

How to create an association value

If you succeed in being associated with an influencer, you will effectively succeed in increasing goodwill for your brand. A certain type of collaboration even creates direct association value, such as letting an influencer put their name on a product or collection you have created, or even be involved in designing your product. In this way, your brand becomes more cohesive with the influencer than through, for example, a single advertisement. In the eyes of the influencer’s followers, you work together and create things together, which leads to a direct association value.

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