A Free List of 10 Social Media Beauty Influencers To Partner With

A Free List of 10 Social Media Beauty Influencers To Partner With

Influencer marketing has skyrocketed in popularity over the years.

If we just take a quick look at Google trends, we can see that the graphs don’t lie.

Google search history Influencer marketing

And if you think about it, it’s not that strange that influencer marketing is increasing in popularity – both from the people, but also for brands. Because back in the days, people looked up to celebrities like Elvis Presley and the president, because really, there were not a lot of other people to look up to.

But as social media has come around, it has given everyone a voice, and now, anyone that can produce high-quality content and build relationships on social media can become an influencer. And these influencers establish themselves as authorities in their industry, and they build strong relationships with their audience.

And what this leads to is a lot of trust from people, who, all of a sudden start looking up to the influencer, and trusting their recommendations and words.

As a result of this, social media influencer has quite a lot of marketing power, and this has made them attractive marketing pillars for a lot of brands.

Influencers have the trust that brands only can dream of because everyone knows that everything the brand says will be to support their objective of selling more.

And this isn’t just assumptions because the influencer marketing statistics speak quite clearly about the power of influencers and the results and ROI of influencer marketing.

But the caveat is that marketers say that finding suitable influencers for their brand to partner with is the single biggest challenge of influencer marketing.

And that makes sense because there are so many things you need to have in mind when partnering with an influencer if you want to generate great results.

Plus, today, it seems like everyone calls themselves influencer. Hint: just because someone writes “influencer” in their bio, doesn’t mean they are influencers.

We at Velcoe have noticed the challenge for brands to find suitable influencers for their brand because the influencer is the single most important factor for a successful influencer marketing campaign.

You might do everything right, but if you partner with an influencer that isn’t related to your industry, your brand, or blatantly have bought fake followers and thus faking their influence, you’ll generate louse, if any, results from your marketing campaign.

This is why we have created the Veloce Network influencer Directory where al influencers have been carefully hand-picked to ensure that they have a high engagement and a true influence on people. If you want to try out our directory, you can try our influencer directory demo.

If you are looking for social media beauty influencers, you are at the right place. In this article, I am sharing a list of 10 top beauty influencers on social media, all of which have been identified using the Veloce influencer directory. You can take a look at it here!

Top 10 beauty influencers on social media

1.Lydia Emillen – @Lydiaemillen

Beauty influencers social media

2.Huda Kattan – @Hudabeauty

Social media beauty influencers

3. Nikkie – @Nikkietutorials

List of social media influencers

4. Jaclyn Hill – @jaclynhill

Beauty influencers on social media

5. Laura Lee – @Larlarlee

Social media influencer

6.Tati Westbrook – @glamlifeguru

Social media influencer

7. Kathleen Lights – @kathleenlights

Find social media influencers

8. @iluvsarahii

Find social media influencers

9. @chrisspy

How to find social media influencers10. Carli Bybel – @carlibel

How to find influencers social media

There you have it!

A list of 10 of the most influential macro influencers on social media. While presented were screenshots of their Instagram profiles, they also have large followings across other platforms, such as YouTube and Twitter.

When talking about influencers, it is often spoken about micro-influencers, which are individuals with everything from a few thousand followers to 100k followers, then we have macro influencers, which are giant influencers with everything from a few hundred thousand followers to several million, and then, we have the celebrity influencers which play in an own league.

These influencers are classified as large macro influencers which are the top of the top in terms of audience size and influence.

Sometimes, giant influencers can be considered celebrity influencer when they have a huge following, but normally, you’re only called celebrity influencer when you are a celebrity first, and then you build an audience on social media, as opposed to regular influencers which build their influence with the help of social media.

If you want to find social media influencers based on your preferred criteria, take a look at our FREE influencer Demo, or, take a look at our membership page.

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