Fake Followers on Instagram is a Problem of Influencer Marketing

How good is influencer marketing really?

It has become an increasingly popular way for e-retailers and businesses to promote themselves through influencers – profiles on Instagram, and Youtube with a large following.

In recent years, the trend of so-called micro-influencers has also emerged. The category includes a person who has a somewhat more niche content and a smaller number of followers. It can be an effective and relatively inexpensive and cost-effective way for many companies to market themselves through influencers, but there are also risks to take into account.

According to new figures from the analysis company Hype Auditor, the cheating in the influencer industry is more widespread than previously thought. On average, the number of manipulated influencer accounts is 57 percent in the world.

Different ways to cheat as an “influencer”

There are different ways to manipulate an account. On the one hand, there are straight-up automated fake accounts, ie cures, where there is no real person behind the content. There is also the risk that both comments and followers are purchased, a service offered by relatively many companies. In addition, there are also engagement pools, which is a group that has agreed to like each other’s posts. It is so easy today to buy fake followers and engagement. This means that people can fake their influence, and appear to have a huge following with an engaged audience, where, in fact, their audience is nowhere as close to as what the numbers state.

This is, of course, a big issue for companies who, in turn, pay influencers to promote their products. The issue is that no results will be generated, and the campaign will be a complete fail. This ultimately means that the company wasted its invested marketing money for that campaign. Ultimately, this creates skepticism around the influencer marketing industry and makes companies more careful before working with influencers.

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