Why Social Media is Important for Recruiting

Companies must dare to use social media more for recruiting. Social media is becoming an increasingly important tool in recruitment, and companies have everything to gain from seeking new talent through social networks.

But whilst some companies have already made social media a natural part of their recruiting process, employers are lagging behind in the development. Employers do not use social media as much as they should. This is likely due to uncertainty and fear of making mistakes. Businesses do not know how to relate to social media.

Many benefits of using social media for recruiting

There are many benefits to using social media – both for recruitment and for other purposes. It is a medium where people exist and are visible. Billions of people are on Facebook, and for a company, it is always attractive to be seen where people are.

But you have to have a slightly different approach compared to what some companies are used to – in social media you have to be humble and be able to listen. Of course, it takes a little time to get started, you can’t do it in a heartbeat. Then it is a cost issue as well, but otherwise, it is only positive.

Dare to test

Getting started with recruitment and other social media engagement need not be very difficult. The most important thing is to really dare to take the step.

It is important to dare to throw yourself out and test yourself. Look at how other employers are doing and what works for them. But the most important thing is to dare to get started.

When you start,  you should limit yourself to one channel, and then if it works well you can go to the next one. If you start with everyone at the same time, there is a risk that no one will be good. LinkedIn is a great place to start because people are there to get jobs.

Social media is important for job seekers

Even for job seekers, it is important to dare to take the step in social media and exploit their enormous potential. More and more candidates have started using social media to find jobs, and in the future, it will become even more common.

To be successful, you must be active and dare to contact the employers you are interested in. It is also important to think about how one appears in social media – although the media sometimes gives an exaggerated picture of how hard employers are examining the candidates’ digital profile.

It is clear that you have to think about what you write and ask if you can stand for it. But this applies, in general, not just when looking for a job. But you have to be the individual you are, and I would like to reduce the heat a bit around that.

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