List of 10 Social Media Food Influencers You Should Know About

Looking for food influencers for your brand?

Marketers define finding influencers as the biggest challenge of influencer marketing so most brands struggle with this.

Finding influencers isn’t necessarily the biggest issue, though. At least most of the time. The biggest issue is finding relevant and targeted influencers that are suitable for your brand. Because only then, you’ll generate the best results possible from your campaign.

The market of food influencers is growing, and for a brand that is within the food industry, this is a good thing. This means that you have a bigger selection of influencers to choose from, which allows you to find the perfect match for your brand.

In the Veloce influencer directory, there are close to 400 food influencers, carefully selected by our team r team, ensuring that they have a high engagement, no fake followers, and a true influence over people.

These 10 influencers are taken from our directory that allows you to filter and search among 3K+ influencers based on your preferred criteria so that you can find a perfect match.

For practical reasons, listing the hundreds of food influencers is not an option, however, to help you get started, here are 10 food influencers you should know about.

1. Khalil B – @Ibitefood

List of 10 Social Media Food Influencers You Should Know About

2. @foodiemobbb

Social media food influencers

3. Laura – @abeautifulplate

List of food social media influencers

4. Eats Of Life – @eatsoflife

Food influencers social media

5. @losangelesfoodie

Food influencers on social media social media


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7. @myfoodnation

Food influencers social media

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9. Chelsea – @chowdownusa

Social media influencer directory

10. Linda Lomelino – @linda_lomelino

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