20 Effective Tips on How to Succeed with Social Media Marketing

Social media can be difficult to understand. Social meets algorithms. Emotions meet the digital. Often you do not know how to think and it is difficult to find tangible tips. Here are 20 specific tips on how to think when working with social media at your company.

1. Touch people. Hearts and minds begin with the heart.

2. Based on who you or your company are and are based on the values. This will be a safety to go back to when it comes to everything from content to tonality. Be yourselves, be authentic.

3. Be grounded in the communication and marketing plan. What does your communication say about you and how it is linked to your values. What is your “why”?

4. Laughter and humor are viral and of the human’s six basic feelings, the feelings of being surprised and happy are what you would like to focus on.

5. Don’t know how to be funny? Be read instead. Be experts. You won’t get as many interactions, but it may appeal to your target audience more. A mixture may be best. Both fun and interesting. Think about what the recipient likes and his problems. Solving problems is good.

6. Invite yourselves. Take a step from how you communicate in your press releases and become more personal and honest.

7. Timeliness. Timing is fun. Watch trends in the industry and connect your social media strategy with your media coverage and communication strategy to reach out with information about customers, partners and events that can be linked to you. In the media coverage you can also see when people mention you in digital and social media.

8. People like lists and percentages. “E-commerce is a well-established way of buying goods for a large percentage of people.

9. Please. A company with a good heart and warmth is easier to like.

10. Communicate. If anyone asks questions, answer. There should be a structure in you that creates the conditions for dialogue and someone (s) appointed to answer questions.

11. Raise heroes and be personal. Internal everyday heroes, new employees and partners. Everyone likes when someone says they are good.

12. Dare to create good drama. Talk about threats to you, the industry and problematic ones. Awareness of problems creates credibility that leads to business and positions you as someone who can and wants to look ahead.

13. Be consistent. Post to social media when your recipients are most likely to see your posts and do so at least twice a week. Monday mornings are people sour and sitting in the Monday meeting.

14. Be visual. Yes, video is the future of most content creators in social media. If you are not able to make usable videos, pictures are a must. It is 60,000 times easier for a brain to absorb an image than a text. Attract the eye.

15. Adapt to the social media channel you are in. It is usually not optimal to use the same copy everywhere. Partly because of restrictions in the various social media.

16. Measure and do more of what seems to work well. There are analytics tools in the media that you can access if you are an administrator and there are Marketing Automation tools and analytics tools that you can plug in to access a greater amount of data.

17. Use hashtags. This is more important in some cases. For example, if you are at an event and post a picture on Instagram.

18. Follow others in the industry. Then you keep track of your industry colleagues and what they do well. “Steal with pride”.

19. Pay tribute to others who are doing well. Aim to have a dialogue with those you admire and those who do good things. Make sure this does not become obnoxious. Also pay tribute to yourself. Did you win a competition? Have you done an extra good job? It’s fun and you should tell me.

20. Scale internally. If you two are working on social media, it’s twice as good as just being you. If you are 1000 people who are active in writing articles, conducting dialogue externally, interacting with colleagues’ content, sharing company news and producing their own content in different formats. Then you may not even need a marketing department.

Bonus tip:

Advertise: If you have money you can advertise. Keep track of algorithms, target groups, followers and budget. It may seem scary, but it is not. Based on what you measured. Start by reinforcing what works well and based on the statistics you get from the tools. In addition to the tools that are embedded, there are, for example, tools for scheduling, analysis and advertising.

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