Six Ideas To Equip You For Ultimate Event Marketing Success

Six Ideas To Equip You For Ultimate Event Marketing Success

The date is set. Your venue is booked. Now, you only need to get people to attend. Worried that you’ll host an empty event?

A little…

Well, don’t be!

If you are not so sure how to market your event then you must know about corptive, which is an ace event organizing company from India alternatively here are 6 great ideas to filling your venue and equip you for the ultimate success. 

  1. Develop A Multifaceted Marketing Plan

You’ll never drive any results if you only focus all your efforts on a single platform. So, consider taking an approach of organized diversity— starting with email marketing all the way to social media. 

Create a dedicated hashtag that will serve as your tracker through each stage of your event. Mobilize your PR team to send out event reminders as well as taking out ads in your local newspapers. Also, ensure that your website is properly configured and that the steps to searching for more information about your upcoming event are bot quick and easy. 

  1. Form Dedicated Landing Pages

At least 60 percent of marketers revealed that their own site is the most effective marketing channel for their events. 

Thus, this simple method of digital marketing should never be overlooked. It is crucial that you create a dedicated landing page on your site for your event and ensure that it is optimized for conversions. 

You can then direct general website traffic on this page via blogs and other pages on your website, in addition to sending traffic directly from social media, pay per click advertising and display ads. . 

  1. Attract Even Attendees with Disappearing Contents

One excellent way to highlight your event is to invest in disappearing content. A geo-filter or Snapchat lens is a great way to get people talking about your event and sharing the details with others. 

Snapchat: ecco il Lens Explorer. In arrivo privacy per le Snap Map, store di mini-giochi, e riconoscimento oggetti

If you are hosting a conference, holding an open house or just throwing a grand-opening event, geo-filter is an inexpensive and great way to promote your brand. It is also something that not most companies are using right now, which instantly differentiated your event from the others. 

Stand out by disappearing can sound like a piece of bad advice. Well, not in this case.

4.Consider Joint Marketing Events

When it comes to marketing events, the most affordable options come from joint marketing events. You can team up with at least 2 -3 similar but non-competing businesses that sell to the same client base as you. 

This way, you get to invite their customers and each of the businesses gets to reach a broader new audience. Each business needs to give a demo or presentation or something similar. Serve brunch, network or mingle, and share the contact lists between your allied businesses

5.Back Up Online Efforts With Signage

Sixty-five percent of the population learns visually, according to an Ethos3 infographic. Thus, backing up your event with physical graphics is an excellent way to create even more buzz. 

designEx 2012 Event Signage - EasyStep

If you don’t believe me, consider bluemedia’s work as the Super Bowl 50. This signage company was tasked to created banners, building wraps, branded fences and stadium graphics for the game. And the reach for this promotional signage graphicsis undeniable with over 70,000 people flooding Levi’s stadium with over 167 million people watched the game, making it the most-watched events in history. 

6.Feature Your Event, Even After The End

Combine pictures and videos you’ve taken at your event, in addition to posts and promotional photos from attendees who used your hashtag. Then create a second wave of interest for your brand. 

Tracking post-event engagement allows you to see the effectiveness of your event, the ROI earned and whether your attendees simply enjoyed themselves. In addition, consider mentioning all partners who helped you with the even and express your gratitude. Not only karmic, but it should give those brands the recognition that they sodeserve. 

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