Designing for Conversion: 9 Great Web Design Tips to Gain More Conversions

You may have an excellent marketing working for you, great on-page and off-page SEO, great products, but if your website design is weak, it will not lead to conversions, and people will leave. 

Also, if your site design is all wrong, you will not get as many conversions as you like. High converting website design is the key to the success of your business.

In this post, we will be sharing the top website design tips that you should follow when it comes to creating your website. That way, your traffic remains high, and your conversions low. 

Practice the Rule of Thirds

According to the Rule of Thirds, you should break down an image into thirds so that you will have nine equal parts.

Now, with the grid that you have formed, you need to focus on your website’s primary form of interest. You should focus as well with the intersections that were made in the middle of the page.

Most likely, that is where most people will focus their attention. Meaning, those are the best places to capture your audience’s attention and get them to convert.

Work with an F pattern

Having an understanding of how users look at a typical web page will help you decide the best layout that you can use for that particular page. 

Research has shown that when users look through a website, they will see an F-pattern. It usually starts at the topmost left corner going straight across the top right corner, down in the middle line of the F, and moving across. 

Since the topmost left part of the page is the first area your user’s eyes go, you have to ensure that this particular quadrant makes a great first impression, design-wise with all the relevant information and points for conversions. 

Choose the right colors

The psychology of colors is a field that is already well-studied. In web design, you have to consider colors as a way to communicate your brand message and its unique selling proposition. 

This is also something that you should communicate with your team, more so if it is a web design outsourcing in Philippines, for insurance.

When it comes to web design, colors should be your best friend. When you consistently use colors ‒ in your buttons, for instance ‒ the overall messaging of the buttons becomes clear, compelling users to click. The more they will click, the higher your conversions.

Consider typography

You need to choose typography for your site that will accurately represent your brand. 

Let’s say you own a clothing brand. You need to pick a font that tells your audience how reliability and comfort are essential to you. 

Utilize the negative space

Whitespace, otherwise known as negative space, is an empty space that is found in your images, fonts, and other graphic elements in your site. So, do not make a mistake in trying to fill in all that “blank space” on your website.

Using very little white space in your site will make it look cluttered, making it hard for users to find the information they need to make a conversion. 

Use human faces to build a connection

Using human faces on your website attracts users because they convey emotions. Humans easily relate to faces, and it shows human emotion. Thus, people are likely to connect with the website. 

Mirroring what users feel through facial images establishes a meaningful connection between your brand and your customers.

Emotions also tend to play a role in your customer’s decisions. It has been used by advertising companies from all over the world to boost sales.

Boost credibility with testimonials and reviews

If you want to establish credibility and trust within your customers, then reviews and testimonials are a must-have on your website. Why? Why? According to, they work as social proof, and humans tend to rely on others for experience and information to make decisions.

For instance, if one friend has appreciated and recommended the coffee in a newly opened coffee shop in town, you are more likely to visit there. 

But what if the same person is scorned about its service? Will you still look forward to visiting the place?

Add real, positive testimonials on your web page’s services. 

Optimize for thumbs

It is official! More than half of internet users are accessing websites via a mobile device. So, it is vital that you create an excellent experience for mobile users. 

One way to optimize your site for mobile is to ensure all the conversion points on your website, such as your call-to-action (CTA) buttons, is easily accessible by the thumb. 

Reduce user clicks

Excellent web design allows users to get information in the shortest number of steps. Thus, stay away from pop-ups and other unnecessary elements that increase the number of clicks a user has to make to be able to access a product, information, or service that they are looking for. 

The same principle applies to e-commerce sites. You should not ask extraneous and other additional questions during the check-out process. You can save that later after they are done purchasing from your site. 

Your job is to get them through the check-out as quickly (and easily) as possible, with a reduced number of clicks and distractions. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to site design, your goal is to boost your conversions. So, take your time as you go on with these design tips and tricks that will help engage your target market.

Also, be prepared to do a couple of split testing. Experiment with your web designs to find out which are the best converting designs.

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