Why Networking is an Important Marketing Strategy

You should always network as an entrepreneur.

It is a great way to make contacts that can prove to be very valuable.

But a lot of people do not have an idea or knowledge of ​​how to do it.

As you begin to build your network, you should take on this task with great humility and patience. At first, you go to many different kinds of meetings and may not fully understand why you are at these. You collect business cards that you do not know how to use. This time is important for developing a “sense” of how to network effectively, in other words, it is a learning phase.

If you want to succeed with your networking, here are some advice.

Pack your product

Before you start telling people about who you are and how you can help others, it is important that your product is packaged. We humans are able to listen for 5-8 seconds then this decreases sharply.

Who do you want to do business with?

It is important that you consider “who are you looking for?” The more accurate you can be, the easier it is for people to help you.

Another way when this area is up is to draw down a “contact chain” on a piece of paper and see if anyone knows the one you are looking for. If it is not possible there is in the next step, then contact the person closest and say “I see that you are familiar with xxxx and I have tried to get hold of this, you could introduce …”.


Keep in mind that it takes time for people to trust you, which means that those who may know the person you are looking for need to get to know them better before they can help you. If you work with more expensive products, they usually have a longer sales time, as do services.

There are many companies and organizations that organize breakfast or lunch meetings. See who works in the area you are looking for and go there and make new contacts.

You have to surround yourself with “right” “ambassadors”
Surround yourself with people you trust and trust. Train these in your product/service and what you are looking for. Use customers who like your product/service if they can recommend

Stop supplying your networks

If you are part of a network with an annual fee, or are planning to join, it is not you who will provide them, but it is they who will provide you. Be picky.

There is no guarantee that you will get any business from a business network. A major concern is the lack of competition, which exists in many networks. A group of 15 attorneys is more likely to maximize their business than a group of fifteen people with different professional backgrounds. The reason is simple. The lawyers know their area of ​​expertise and do not need to be trained.

There are always success stories where, for example, the car mechanic’s contacts gave the CEO of an interior design company a commission of 1 million. And of course it has happened, but the probability is as great as winning 10 million in the lottery. In other words, you can’t get rich in games and gambling. What can create your success is a methodical work with your marketing plan and sales strategy where networking is part of this.

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