Attributes of a Good Business Executive

Attributes of a Good Business Executive

If you are on the hunt for a good business executive and are finding it difficult to drill down on exactly what you are looking for – here we have listed some top attributes that you should definitely ensure are on your job specification or look out for during the interview process. 


Good leaders don’t just think about what’s happening today – they look into the future.  They can articulate what goals they should look to achieve for the business and are able to create a strategic plan to ensure that the goals are met.  This quality is what separates a great manager from a good manager.


A good business executive that needs to lead a team needs to be humble.  Nobody knows it all and it is important to remember that.  A business executive needs to lead the team in such a way, that they are confident, however, are willing to take on opinions of others – that’s how the best ideas come about.

It’s also important so that mistakes are acknowledged and learned from. It can be difficult to ascertain whether a prospective candidate for a business executive has this trait or not, but that’s where executive recruiters come in.  An executive search firm like Swoon Group has the expertise to identify qualities like this that someone on your HR team may miss. They specialize in hiring leaders and can help you find the right person for the role, rather than just looking at the information they have on paper.  


Business executives need to make tough decisions.  It can be all too easy to back down if there is an element of risk involved – or if it means being a bit of a trailblazer.  That’s why you need a business executive with courage and conviction to drive the team forward into new and unexplored places. 


It’s great for an executive to have vision and ideas – but they need to have the focus to really hone in on them.  If you have a business executive that is easily distracted or loses focus – they are much less likely to get the job done.  Focus and strategic planning are critical to achieving business goals.  

Effective Communicator

Strong leaders need to be strong communicators.  They need to know how to adapt their message depending on the audience. They need to be able to speak to your team in such a way that they feel supported and driven, and if there is a commercial element involved – they need to be able to sell your product or service effectively and be able to present the benefits in such a way that the prospective customer relates to.  


Integrity is an important one.  You need to make sure you trust the business executive you are able to trust and who tells the truth.  This doesn’t only apply internally – the likelihood is that they will have the responsibility to speak to people externally whether it be commercial partners or customers.  

Business executives need to be a lot of things to a lot of people which is why it can be difficult to decide on the candidate that best suits your business.  These are great starting points and must-have qualities for any successful leader in your organization.  

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