Effective Tips for Building Valuable Business Relationships

Effective Tips for Building Valuable Business Relationships

Relationships… are what keep us healthy and successful in life. The types of relationships we have to define who we are and how we function. They motivate us to a positive life and force us to do kind deeds. Our relationships in life are the ones we rely on during times of hardship, sadness, joy, and opportunities.

The same goes for business relationships. Making contacts and the art of building business relationships with trust is what separates those who “have” from those who “don’t have” and successful business for those who continue to struggle. The ability and art of making contacts and building relationships is really what business is all about.

In the past, defendants have attacked the way some distributors relate to the business. They often pointed out the way in which some abuse their personal relationships in order to succeed. This should come as no surprise as personal relationships are the most protected asset of the person and abuse of trust can often provide a strong emotional response.

While we may not be able to change the opinions of those who doubt and the proprietors overnight, we may be able to find ways to improve the way we build and maintain relationships. Here are three things you can do today to improve both your relationships and your ability to share innovative business opportunities and the exclusive products Nu Skin has to offer.

Live honestly.

First, set high standards for yourself. Engage in doing things ethically and honestly – not just in business, but in everything you do. When you live as you learn, it will be felt.

People notice how we dress, how we talk and our work ethic. Give them a reason to ask what makes you so happy? Give them a reason to ask what your secrets are and why you look younger than you are? Show your personal difference every day and the relationships you build will be rewarding.

First and foremost, focus on friendship.

Then we must first see those outside the Nu Skin family as friends and then as possible business partners. When it comes to relationships, there is no immediate satisfaction. Genuine and meaningful relationships take time and effort and developing them is a skill that can be constantly refined.

Now apply this the way you contact and establish business relationships. Patience is required, building relationships takes time. Successful business relationships are not established during your first meeting. Team Elites does not build its stable organization in just one week. It takes time, understanding, kindness, perseverance, and dedication. Let friendship with possible business contacts be the first priority and these relationships will last throughout life.

There is an unwritten rule that friends first do business with friends, not strangers – there is nowhere like this to be more true than in direct sales. Many successful distributor relationships started between friends or family members who together became involved in the business.

However, if your friend or family member is not interested in a business relationship right now, you should make sure to maintain your relationships outside of work. Time may not be the right one for them. There may be other circumstances or concerns that hinder them. Whatever the reason, your personal relationships are infinitely more valuable than a business ever becomes.

Be persistent and available.

Have you ever been to a doctor’s office when a drug or insurance representative came by? What do they do?

They first bring lunch to the entire reception because it is during that time that most of the staff have time to listen. At the same time as they eat small talk the representative and get to know the people on a personal basis. Do the staff know what happens in the end? Of course, they know it, but at the moment they are sold because of the delicious free food and a nice conversation.

In the end, the sales representative gives a sales talk and explains why their products are better than others. The representative wonders if anyone has any questions, give them free samples, and asks about immediate interest or questions.

Then the staff probably say they want to test the free samples, study the product, and then have a follow-up meeting in a few weeks. In many cases, these sales reps work for months or years to establish relationships without selling anything. Once the sales have been made, many receipts will remain with the same sales representative for the rest of the time.

Do you go about the same way as a drug representative?

Are you honest with your intentions and what you represent or do you feel that you have to embed the truth in order to capture someone’s interest? Do your contacts look bored or are they interested in hearing what you have to say? Do you give them enough time to learn more about our business and our products? Do you answer their questions and raise concerns that they have?

If not, you may need to re-evaluate the way you manage your business – remember that time and persistent commitment are often necessary to recruit dedicated team members and to create lasting success.

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