Why Should Your Business Use Social Media?

Why use social media?

As traditional methods of marketing to customers such as advertising or direct advertising become less and less effective, companies turn to social media to find and communicate with consumers and the people who influence them. Through the social media we can share our opinions, experiences and experiences anytime, anywhere.

Social media is a great way to reach and engage potential customers. Companies need to be where current and prospective customers are to make themselves visible to them and create a long-term relationship, and customers are in the social media.

For companies, social media can provide opportunities for communication with customers, in-depth customer dialogue, exposure to products and services, marketing and brand development.

How companies use social media

The scope of social media varies from company to company. Some companies choose to use the new medium to inform about new products and services, while other companies choose to test products that they are not yet sure of to see what response they receive from customers.

Social media should be used to create dialogue, build customer relationships and build trust in the first place. It doesn’t get too much marketing and it is important that there is a balance. A good balance is achieved if the company has 20 percent marketing-related content and 80 percent non-marketing related social media.

An important aspect that companies, especially smaller companies that can easily be inspired by larger ones, should keep in mind is that personal resources are required to update, communicate and manage the social media.

Benefits of social media

There are many benefits of companies using social media to communicate with their customers. Social media can be anything from social networks, such as Facebook, to blogs and services related to images, movies, links, music and documents. Facebook is the social network that has the greatest influence and the reason for the big influence is the high number of members.

Why do entrepreneurs choose to use social media? Here are the main motives:

  • Find new customers
  • Communicate with existing customers
  • Marketing the company
  • Be able to personally respond to customer opinions online
  • Strengthen the relationship with the customer
  • Be able to inspire the customer
  • It is free

What kind of information does the company publish in the social media?

  • Company information
  • Information about the industry
  • Current offers in the shop
  • products
  • Give tips
  • Reports
  • competitions
  • Video clips
  • Pictures
  • discussions

The key to success

The key to social media success is finding your best channels and engaging. Once you have determined your communication strategy, identified your target audience and found it in the social media channels, it is important to build long-term trust.

The idea is not to hang on to the tools and technology but to focus on how you can use them more effectively to:

increase the visibility of your personal brand and your business
Build and grow your personal and professional networks
develop and maintain relationships with customers.

Communicate with your target audience – including answering questions
publish and distribute original content that demonstrates your expertise
share links to relevant information that adds value to your customers
Finally, generate new leads and increase sales for your business

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