How to Network at Events

Attending various events is a good way for entrepreneurs to meet both new customers and partners as well as potential investors. But what events should you as an entrepreneur choose to attend, and how should you sell your idea?

As an entrepreneur, are there so many events to attend? How to prioritize?

Have a clear agenda and goal picture for what you want to achieve with the event so you can prioritize the event. Some are great for being inspired and learning, others for networking, and still others for finding customers. Check out your network if anyone has been to the event before and listen to how they experienced it.

Once you have decided to attend an event – what should you think about?

A large part of your success at the event is determined during the preparation phase. Circle discussions you would like to join, seek contact with other participants well in advance, and if you want to be seen, position yourself to join various panels. Identify who will be there (if possible) and look up these people / companies / investors. At an event you can assume that those who participate there are open to conversations and networking.

How can you make a good first impression on investors?

Investors are often very alert during events. Therefore, make sure to protect their time by briefly and succinctly describing your idea. If they are interested, they will then ask more. Ask for feedback. They will ask questions and provide valuable input. Do not try to sell your idea or company.

Are networking events a good place to build a network with other entrepreneurs?

Absolutely! Participants are often very open to new contacts than otherwise. An important part is to allocate time to follow up in a structured way to new contacts after the event. With a good plan it is a very good environment to build a network on.

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