5 reasons to choose RetouchMe Pro if you are a photographer

A photographer’s work does not end with taking photos. After the photo session, the images need to be sorted and processed. The last stage is the most laborious and time-consuming, so a large part of the day is spent working with the “raw” material. Only a small portion of time is left for improving your shooting skills, mastering new techniques, and other tasks.

The service RetouchMe Pro, which you can use at https://retouchme.com/pro, will remedy this! It is a web application for professional photographers designed to speed up and simplify the process of retouching images.

Why do photographers choose RetouchMe Pro?

1. High-quality processing

All photos uploaded to RetouchMe Pro are manually processed by the retouchers of the service, they control overlaying of presets and personally perform fine artistic processing (including frequency decomposition, changing the silhouette of the figure, improving hair, replacing the background, etc.). The degree of correction and its types are indicated by the user in the order description when uploading photos to the service. To be sure of high-quality processing, it is sufficient to use the free trial retouching service.

2. Low-cost

RetouchMe Pro was created with the idea that high-quality photo post-processing should not be expensive. By using the service, the photographer spends less than hiring a professional retoucher. The cost of the correction starts at 0.5 dollars per frame and varies depending on the complexity of the work and the depth of editing. For more profitable use of the service, you can choose one or more packages.

3. Fast execution of orders

The user decides how many photos to upload for editing. This can be a single photo or material from several photo shoots. Work on even very large orders usually takes no more than 24 hours. This means that your clients do not have to wait long for the results of a photo shoot.

4. Ease of use

Our service is designed as a simple web app that only requires an internet connection. Upload your photos online at any time of the day or night — the material will be accepted right away. The intuitive design allows you to instantly navigate all the main functions.

5. Confidential service

Privacy is an important aspect of being a professional photographer and RetouchMe Pro supports it. This means that the service does not transfer, distribute, or use for its own purposes information about users or their copyright material. Once the processed photos are transferred, the sources are deleted from the designers’ computers.


Using RetouchMe Pro, you can forget about boring operations in photo editors. All you need to do is to select photos and upload them to the application, specifying your preferences for material processing. In 24 hours or even sooner you will get perfectly retouched photos. Free up your time for the really important tasks!

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