Networking Tips: How to Succeed in Your Networking

Networking can give you a lot. Everything from new valuable contacts, new experiences or a new job. Here are the best tips on how to succeed in your networking.

1. A good start is to say “yes” to invitations and requests of all kinds. You never know what they can lead to. Take every chance you get and find yourself in places where you have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people.

2. By connecting contacts in your current network with each other, you will meet new people. Be sure to always do someone a favor before asking for one yourself. It will make you an appreciated person that others see as an asset in their network.

3. Be active in your existing network and have good contact with the people in your contact network. Set aside at least an hour a week to network and schedule it into your calendar so that it really works.

4. Make sure you always do your utmost on your current job. It spreads more than you expect and a good reputation is invaluable in networking.

5. Invest in networking with people you like and agree with, not those you just think you can benefit from. In the long run, good relationships lead somewhere. Keep your network to a size that you can manage. In networking, quality really applies to quantity.

6. Always be yourself when networking, listening carefully and asking questions that show that you have really listened and are genuinely interested in the other person. Also quickly reconnect to your new contacts and be sure to come back if you promised.

7. A good trick to keep track of your network is to, for example, create an excel document with your contacts, what they are looking for and what you talked about last. You will certainly feel extraordinarily good and impressive if you remember a little detail you discussed at a previous meeting. It makes the other person feel special and selected. Also, find out more personal things about your contacts, such as when they turn years, so you can send a greeting greeting.

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