How to Market Your Business Via Social Media

Digital marketing means that you promote your product or service on, for example, a website, social media or via email. Being seen on social media can be both cheap and effective if you do it right. Here you get an introduction to how you can promote your business through the social media.

Why should you invest in social media?

Social media marketing is an advantage for many start-ups as it is an easily accessible channel. Social media is a quick and easy way to get attention for a product if you are conveying a message that users appreciate and want to share. It can also be an economic benefit. If you only use your existing network, it is completely free.

We have listed some of the most popular social media that you can use for marketing.


Used as a social network for both individuals and companies with the opportunity, for example, to create a Facebook page for your business and share sponsored status updates.


Twitter is only used to make status updates with a text of up to 140 characters. Known profiles with many followers have wide reach.


Used as a social network with a focus on sharing photos.


Used as a social network for professionals in working life and serves as a recruitment portal for companies. Works well for B2B marketing.


Used to send images or videos with texts displayed to the recipient for a limited time. Snapchat is a channel for younger people.

When choosing which social media you want to promote via, it is important that you relate to your target audience and choose the channel your potential customers use.

You can benefit from visiting other similar companies and see what social media they use. It is also important that you have time to keep your social media channels up to date, otherwise your business may seem rogue and out of date.

Keep up to date on social media

Social media is constantly evolving and it is important that you stay abreast of what changes are taking place.

It may therefore be a good idea to read some articles on social media and subscribe to newsletters, for example. communication agencies.

The challenge is to stand out from the crowd of advertisers in social media and highlight something unique, fun or emotional. Otherwise, it is easy for the user to scroll past your content.

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