The Difference between Business Account and Private Account on Instagram

The Difference between Business Account and Private Account on Instagram

Business profiles for Instagram were launched in 2016 and gave companies new opportunities to use the platform. The biggest difference between private accounts and business accounts is that with a business account you get access to statistics, also known as Insights, which gives you detailed information about your account and post performance. Here we go through the biggest differences between private accounts and business accounts on Instagram!

How do I create a business account on Instagram?

Switching your regular account to a business account is easy. Go to your profile -> Settings -> Account and select Switch to a business account. Then press Continue as [your company name]. Now you have the option to add details such as category and contact information for your business. Done! You now have a company profile on Instagram.

You can also link your Instagram account to your company’s Facebook page to access campaign planning and cross-posting between Facebook and Instagram. Cross publishing is the option to publish the same post from your Instagram account directly to your Facebook account, and vice versa.

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Business account vs private account

The biggest advantage of having a business account is that you can see statistics. The statistics you can see are Activity, Content, and Audience. Under Activity, you see, among other things, how many interactions your account has had lately, the number of profile visits and how many accounts reached.

Content is the content you have shared on your Instagram. Here we have posts in the feed, Instagram Stories, and campaigns. Under target group you can see statistics of your followers. With this information, you can both analyze and evaluate your content and thus see what your followers and your target audience appreciation for the type of content.

With a company account, you can also create better Call to action buttons directly in your profile. Add contact information for your company so that those who visit your profile can easily contact you. For example, you can add directions (coordinates on a map) to your business, an email address, and a phone number that your business can be reached with.

Something worth noting is that you cannot have a private profile with a company account. If you switch to a business account, everyone will be able to see your content.

What happens if I switch my Instagram to a business account?

If you switch your Instagram account to a business account, you will gain access to additional features such as analytics, contact information, and the ability to promote posts. You will also be able to see insights about your followers and the performance of your posts. Additionally, you will be able to access Instagram’s advertising platform.

Switching to a business account also allows you to access Instagram’s “shopping” feature, which allows you to tag products in your posts and link them to your online store. This can make it easier for customers to purchase products from your business directly through Instagram. Additionally, a business account will have a “Contact” button on their profile, which makes it easy for customers to get in touch with you.

Another advantage of having a business account is that you can use Instagram’s “Insights” feature, which provides detailed analytics on your posts, stories, and followers. You can see how your posts are performing, when your followers are most active, and demographic information about your followers. This can help you improve your content strategy and target your posts to the right audience.

Overall, switching to a business account can help you gain more visibility and engagement for your brand on Instagram, as well as make it easier for customers to interact with your business.

Can you switch back and forth between business and personal Instagram?

Yes, you can switch back and forth between a business and personal Instagram account. You can change your account from a business account to a personal account or vice versa at any time.

To switch back to a personal account, go to your profile settings, tap on “Switch back to Personal Account”, then confirm the switch. You will lose access to business-specific features such as “Insights” and the ability to promote posts, but your account and all its contents will remain intact.

To switch back to a business account, you will need to go through the process of setting up a new business account. This will involve linking the account to a Facebook page, providing contact information, and completing a verification process.

Keep in mind that switching back and forth might affect your engagement, followers, and analytics. So it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making the switch.

Can business Instagram accounts see who viewed their profile?

Yes, business Instagram accounts can see who viewed their profile. Instagram provides an analytics feature called “Insights” for business accounts, which gives detailed information about your account performance, including who has viewed your profile. You can access this information by going to your profile and tapping on the “Insights” button.

Keep in mind that the insights are only available for the last 7 days and it only shows you the number of profile views, not the specific users who viewed your profile. It’s worth noting that Instagram only provide you with the number of profile visitors and not the identity of each visitor.

Additionally, there are third party apps that claim to show you who viewed your Instagram profile, but these are not endorsed by Instagram and may not be accurate. Some of them might also ask for your account credentials which may compromise your account security.

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