3 Managed IT Services That your Business Needs

Let’s face it, we are living in a digital age and that should be reflected in your business; with state-of-the-art software and the World Wide Web, yet many small business owners are not making good use of the latest tech. It can be a struggle to keep up with new digital innovation and if you don’t have your finger on the pulse, here are 3 managed IT services that can transform your business.

  1. VoIP Communication – Say goodbye to those huge cell phone bills when you make the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol, which uses the Internet to send compressed audio and video; in effect, you are by-passing the cell phone networks and with a Broadband connection, you can enjoy real-time video calls, meetings and conferencing. Talk to a Toronto provider of managed IT services and they would be happy to pay you a visit and give you a demo of their product. Using next-generation headsets and a few wireless routers, you and your staff can move around the office and communicate on the move.
  2. Cloud Based Data Storage – What’s not to like about the cloud? Access your data from any location using any device and with permission hierarchies, you control who has access to what. The service provider creates a secure network for your business, which is protected 24/7 and your data is stored on secure remote servers and backed up several times a day. Once all documents are digitized, employees can access everything directly from their workstation, no need to visit the filing cabinets! The time saved will be reflected in the boost in productivity and your IT hardware is no longer burdened with data storage, which frees up valuable resources. If you understand the value of business networking, click here.
  3. Cyber Security – Billions of dollars are lost each year to hackers and a major service offered by IT support providers is cyber-security. A typical hacking activity is to send out bots onto the Internet that are looking for weaknesses in networks and that means your business data might be up for grabs! The top cyber-security providers carry out penetration testing to see how your network stands up, so you can rest assured your data is safe, while they also monitor around the clock. In the event an intrusion attempt is made, your IT support partner can trace the origin of the malicious code and inform the cyber-security authorities. You simply can’t afford to take any chances with your critical business data and a Toronto-based IT support provider is the one to contact.

Most businesses are already on the cloud, with many using VoIP communication platforms and if you have yet to make the switch from cell networks to VoIP solutions, this will save you a lot of money, while also boosting communication across the board.

You can also streamline a lot of your business processes using customized business software and if you would like to transform your business, contact a local managed IT services provider and let them work their magic.

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