12 Clever Hacks When Using Instagram Stories

Are you an avid Instagram user? Want to get more out of Instagram Stories? Here are 12 clever functions that you may not know exist on Instagram Stories.

Upload photos and videos from the camera roll

Do you want to upload a photo or movie you took yesterday? Swipe down at the top of the screen to display all the photos you’ve taken.

Control who can see and respond to your story

Do you want a specific person not to be able to see your stories? It’s fixable! Go to your profile and click on the settings icon at the top right of the screen. Select “event settings” and then click “hide event from”. There you can then click in who or who should not see your stories. Under event settings, you can also decide whether or not people should be able to respond to your stories.

Hide a particular account’s events

Tired of seeing countless selfies on a person’s stories? You do not need to hide someone’s stories. Instead, click on the person’s story at the top of the Instagram homepage. Then select the option “Hide xxx’s event” and you won’t have to see more from the person.

Record without using your hands

Having to hold down the record button to shoot can be incredibly disturbing. But, there is a solution to that as well. Earlier this year, Instagram launched a hands-free feature that allows you to simply film without holding down the button. And it’s easy! Instead of choosing “normal” when making an Instagram story, you select “hands-free”. Click and you start filming – harder than it is!

Choose freely from the colors

Not happy with what colors you can choose from when writing or painting something in your Instagram story? Okay, do this: Click the pen or Aa symbol in the top right corner of the screen. Click and hold on any of the colors displayed at the bottom of the screen. Voilà! Then swipe right or left to choose exactly the shade you are looking for.

Make a shadow on your text

Want to attach to the text of your story with a shadow? Click the Aa icon and type your text as usual. When you have finished typing, click the Aa icon again and type the exact same text in a different color. Then take one of the texts and put them a little wrapping. You get a cool shadow effect on your otherwise flat and boring text.

Make a solid color background for your story

Do you want a pink or maybe green background to write or paint on? Then there is an easier way than footing a paper or a wall. Click the pen in the upper right corner of the screen. Then select a suitable color and hold your finger for a while anywhere on the screen until the entire image is covered by your selected color. Now you can go crazy with paintings and text!

See who’s seen your story

Do you want to know if someone who does not follow you has been looking at your story? Swipe up on your published story so you can see how many people have watched it. Remember that only you can see it, no one else knows how many or who have watched your story.

Make a sticker of your face

To make a so-called sticker of a picture of yourself, you just need to click on the sticker symbol at the top left of the pen when you have taken a picture or filmed an instant story. Then select the camera icon (which is below the location symbol) and foot your face. Then you can fill the screen with your nice face.

Make a clickable tag in your story

Want to tag a friend or that restaurant where you just ate the world’s most dreamy breakfast? Then take a picture or video and then click on the Aa symbol. Then type @ followed by your friend or restaurant name. Done! As soon as you start writing, suggestions on accounts will appear on the screen.

Pause, reverse or move forward

Want to pause a story to see something properly? Just hold your finger on the screen and the story you are watching pauses. If you can’t see a story clearly or want to watch it again, you can too. To go back to the previous story, click on the left of the screen and to go to the next, right-click.

Make your story a post

Are you sick of your story and want to show it in a slightly more permanent place? Then you can post it as a normal post. Just bring up your story and click on the three points in one corner. Then select “share story” and your post will be published.

After making your story a post, you have to re-check your story from your other account or you can use a tool like gramvio https://gramvio.com/instagram-story-viewer/ . By doing this you can check your mistakes or edit anything. 

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