7 Tips to Succeed with your Social Media Marketing

7 tips on how to succeed with your social media marketing

But just as with traditional channels such as TV commercials and print ads, it is completely ineffective if you do not adapt it to your audience, or even worse if you communicate with those who are not in the target group at all.

Here are seven simple tips on how to get better at communicating through social media

1. Find out how social media works

There are many tips available online if you work with social media read some of our tips here. There are lots of free tips and guides on the internet that you can start with, it’s not very complicated if you take the time to educate yourself. In step two, make contact with sharp people who can educate your company about the mechanisms and how to reach them.

Once you have learned how all the different social media platforms work and how to reach them, you can set a strategy on how to communicate.

2. Invite your customers and create a dialogue

The only way to find out what your customers want from you in social media is to create a discussion with them.

Use social media as an extension of your customer service and answer questions in real time, you will get more satisfied customers and more ambassadors if you have good communication.

More customers like to express their opinion via social media than via email over the phone, try moving your old communication into social media.

Listening to your audience opens the door to new opportunities. By being present in social media and talking to your followers, you can find important influencers who can become your ambassadors.

3. Automate your communication

There is smart automation and so is spam. Be careful about your automation so that it is still personal, properly done, you can keep a good print with news and information to your target audience. You don’t want to spam your audience with irrelevant information, or be too salesy – it’s a quick and effective way to lose all your followers.

Use social media as a way to communicate with your audience and provide them with valuable information that adds value to them. When you do that, you get satisfied followers that you can eventually convert to customers.

If you have a full-time employee for your social media communications, make sure they are consistent with getting content across all of your social media. There are several automation systems, such as Hootsuite, that offer a free training that can increase efficiency. Planning your posts in advance will allow more time to reply and engage with your social media channels.

4. Engage with your audience

It’s one thing to replenish your social media feed with posts, but it’s another thing to engage with the audience and turn them into happy customers. Many people think that if you post something on social media you have a communication, completely wrong.

You have to interact with your audience and engage them by having a discussion. Once you have posted a post, this is when the work begins to create engagement.

By engaging with your audience, you will quickly capture dissatisfaction or if something is broken in your digital marketing, then you can quickly turn away dissatisfied customers and make broken digital flows.

5. Choose your social channels

Few companies have the knowledge or resources to be the master of all social media. Do a thorough analysis of who your customers and prospects are and which social media sites they are most likely to use. Rather bet on one or two platforms and be really good, than be on multiple social media and do it halfway.

You will have better impact if you direct your efforts to one or two social media sites where most of your customers and prospects are located, for a dialogue with them and learn how to communicate with them

6. Measure and evaluate all efforts in social media

There is an old saying that says “What is being done is done” nothing is more true than in social media. Most social media has good tools where you can analyze your efforts in real time, and there are also several tools on the market for analysis in social media. Set clear goals for all your efforts and evaluate and analyze them continuously to achieve maximum effect.

Become a champion on a couple of social media and analyze your efforts so that you know what is most engaging and when, then you can target your efforts with messages that work at the right time. If you continuously analyze and optimize your efforts, your results will increase exponentially.

7. Be personal in your communication

Probably the most important tip, was personal. Social media is not an advertising channel, it is a channel where you have to be social. Highlight the people at your company in front of your products and services. Find people who can be your ambassadors and who like your products and services, a personal recommendation weighs much heavier than when you post a new product or service in social media (rarely does one create new product engagement).

Find forums and groups where your customers are located and scan what they are talking about so that you can be sharp and up to date in your communication in social media.

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