A Quick Guide to Self-Installing Your Internet Modem

A Quick Guide to Self-Installing Your Internet Modem

Finding the right internet service for your home is a tricky business. It requires you to conduct a thorough evaluation of your internet usage habits and detailed research of the most popular ISPs in your area. Moreover, it asks you to pick the type of network that best compliments your pocket and compare the plans to land the speeds you need.

Once you’ve walked this line of inquiry, you will be able to narrow down the provider pool in your zip and pick the most suitable ISP thereby. Let’s suppose you have already applied this formula and found the right cable provider, i.e. Mediacom, and have even selected the juiciest Mediacom internet package, then what’s the next step? Installation, activation, and setup!

The most popular Mediacom internet plans necessitate the use of a DOCSIS 3.0 or at most a DOCSIS 3.1 certified modem, which is advanced enough to translate the high-tier speeds beamed by the provider to a subscriber’s home. One great thing about this cable provider is that it allows you to bring your modem (should be Mediacom-compatible), or use the one which is issued by the provider. After you have made this choice and have a modem ready to receive lightning-fast speeds, then comes the activation and equipment setup.

Usually, Mediacom charges a one-time installation fee of $99. It is waived off if you sign up online. By opting for professional installation, you won’t have to move a muscle and your internet equipment will be set in place by the technician. All you’d have to do is pay the fees.

However, there’s another way through which you can escape the near $100 charges, i.e. via self-installation. Mediacom encourages its customers to understand the hardware layout and configure it on their own so that they can know how everything goes about. The cable provider even has a toll-free line of 24/7 customer support for subscribers who have equipment related questions or any other technical queries. So, how exactly can you self-install your Mediacom modem? The following steps will serve as your guide.

Modem Placement

Pinpoint the area in your house where you want to place your cable modem. Ideally, it should be near a wall that has a coax outlet and several safe sockets.

Take the coax cable jumper from your Mediacom self-installation kit and use it to connect the modem to the outlet in the wall. If the outlet is already engaged by a cable TV line, then disconnect that coax line from the wall and plug it in the ‘Out’ port on the splitter. Use the free outlet to link your modem.

Splitter Connection

If you look into your kit, you will find one or more cable jumpers that are purposefully kept in to attach the splitter to the modem and then the splitter to the wall.

Run a jumper from the ‘Out’ port on the splitter to the modem, and another one from the ‘In’ port on the splitter to the wall outlet, creating an interconnected network of devices. If you fall short of jumper cables, you can always order some more by calling Mediacom’s tech support.

PC Linking

Check to see if your computer has a USB port or a network interface card. The goal here is to connect the modem to your PC so that you can verify the strength of internet signals transmitted by the provider over sturdy cable lines. If you’re going for Ethernet, you will find a matching slot for this wire’s end in the back of your Mediacom modem. Plug it in and run it to your PC. However, if you’re choosing the USB option, simply affix the USB cable in both the ports on your modem and your computer.

Power On

Now, that all cables are where they should be, i.e. attached to the wall outlet, the splitter, the PC and the modem, it is time for the final step in the installation. Take the power adapter of the modem, plug the switch into a wall socket and the other end of the wire into your modem’s back, and bring the whole mechanism to life.

Online Registration

Open the internet browser on your computer. You will be redirected to a page that will ask you to register your Mediacom modem. If the page doesn’t open, wait a while for the modem to start and then reload. To register, enter your account information, which you can find on your bill sent along with the kit, your registration code – the last 9 digits of your account number, and the modem’s MAC address. Submit and confirm registration.

Finally, you can start using the bandwidth promised on your Mediacom internet plan.

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