How to Succeed with Facebook marketing

This is how you better succeed with Facebook marketing

In this article, we share our best tips on how to succeed with your Facebook marketing and generate better results.

Facebook continues to consolidate its position as perhaps the most important digital marketing channel for companies and organizations. To help you get started, we have compiled our best tips on how to succeed even better with your Facebook marketing. In order to exemplify the tips, we have taken inspiration from Facebook pages that are good at doing just that by engaging their followers.

Understand your target audience

Find out how to communicate with your target audience. What kind of language they appreciate, what times they are active, and what type of content they prefer. On Facebook Insights, you can get detailed data on your fans behavior. Test yourself and find out what gives the best effect.

Engage your audience

Not only should you provide your audience with content, but you should also engage them. Ask questions, ask them for tips and advice. Maybe those who like your site can help you find new employees, a place for the next conference, or come up with product development ideas.

There are many ways to engage your audience on Facebook, so find ways that align with your niche and resonate with your audience. The information in combination with the issue gives rise to discussions and divisions that give them a very wide reach.

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Be clear

Be clear and concise with your message and don’t go too broad. Keep it relatively short so that the recipients can read the entire content before their attention has been directed to something else in the feed.

You can be short and concise and let the images speak more than the text.

Promote the value

Promote the value and the benefits, and not the product itself. Avoid difficult terms and technicalities, but instead, focus on why this is good and how your target audience can benefit from it. What may be given to you is not always that of the recipient so be clear.

The best way to create engagement is by creating a lot of value.

Be up-to-date and relevant

Create content that is related to current events to create relevance. This also makes you look knowledgeable, like you keep up with what’s happening, which also inspires confidence. Also, there is a greater chance that your target audience is interested in your content if it can be associated with something else they are also curious about, such as current news.

It is common to create related content around holidays such as Christmas and Midsummer. An idea in this case, for example, is to, in a Facebook post, briefly tell the facts of the day and then end with a suggestion of your product.

Make them “dependent” on you

Give your followers a reason not to want to miss anything from you so that they are really eager to follow you. This can be about offers, exclusive information, or other benefits they do not want to miss.

Post “neat” content

Make sure that flyers, pictures, videos, and other material you share keep a neat design as it is an important reinforcement of your message. It does not have to be taken by a photographer or dealt with inexpensive programs, but keep it neat and appealing and preferably eye-catching.

Ensure that your images are of high quality. In addition, all images maintain a uniform level that gives a professional impression when scrolling quickly over the flow.

Clear call-to-action

The reader should be able to be quickly redirected to your website or landing page so be clear with call-to-action links. To increase conversion, these should be present early in entry so that they are visible among the first five rows (before pressing “show more”). On the Facebook page, you can also activate the buy / book now button which quickly takes the recipient to the buy page.

Create competitions

Giving awards or money is a simple trick to get people involved and engaged. Create competitions where, for example, you ask questions and give the winners a prize. Or ask the audience to share images related to your brand that are then awarded. This type of engagement often creates great dissemination and thus great visibility.

Be consistent

To be top of mind for your target audience, it’s good to keep continuity in what you post. In other words, to post consistently.

It can also be about posting frequently so that you are always visible in your fans’ feeds. Once they need something your brand can offer, they will choose you you are the first to come to mind.

Sponsor your posts

As many as 40% of all users on Facebook do not like a single business page, so it may be a good idea to add a boost to your updates to reach a larger audience. It does not require a very large budget to get fairly widespread on the posts you post on the Facebook page. Be careful who you boost against and don’t be afraid to change your audience settings depending on content.

Test, test, test

Facebook is like life itself, constantly changing. Therefore, you can never have yours in the dry. Always keep testing your way forward, trying new ways, and redoing. What was successful a few months ago may no longer work at all.
Hope you got some inspiration from the tips above!

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