5 Effective Tips to Boost Facebook Advertising

5 Effective Tips to Boost Facebook Advertising

Facebook has become an important marketing channel for most companies today. Many advertisers are fighting for the same space and want to reach the same people in the same channels. With that said, it is now more competitive than ever on Facebook. So how do you do to succeed with your advertising?

You have probably experienced it yourself. One day you will get great results on your advertising on Facebook, the next day to see how the conversions are dropping. So how do you really do to take full advantage of Facebook’s algorithms?

In this article, we go through our 5 best tips for you who want to get better at Facebook advertising.

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Advertising through Facebook Ads (which includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network) has become a cornerstone of most companies’ digital marketing plans – almost regardless of the industry in which they are located.

On the other hand, it is a channel that few understand, which is not strange as it is constantly changing and has a completely new approach, compared to banner-based online channels, in everything from how the ads are designed to how to make the purchase itself technically.

The purpose of this post is to provide some handy tips that are suitable for everything from the beginner in Facebook Ads, to the expert. What suggests that even beginners can absorb these tips and start using Facebook Ads is that it is a tool designed to be easy to understand and get started with.

Don’t make it more difficult than it is

The absolute first step when starting a new campaign is to set goals. Don’t start by making mistakes here.

Is it conversions that you want? Then select “Conversions” as the campaign type – not “Traffic”. So don’t make it more difficult than it is. The truth is that Facebook’s algorithms are so powerful that the outcome is greatly influenced by what you tell Facebook that you want.

If you are an E-commerce and want to buy, select “Conversions” as the campaign type and optimize against “Purchase” – nothing else.

Discover “Audience Insights”

A small hiding place among the features of Facebook Ads (or rather, Facebook Business Manager) is Audience Insights. It is a very powerful tool for finding and understanding your target audience.

You will find Audience Insights in the menu where you can experiment with target groups that you either define yourself or that you use from a data source you own. The best example here is that you upload a list of all your customers, and then through the tool, you learn everything from demographic and geographical belonging to what your customers have for Internet behavior and interests. Information that you can benefit from when creating new audiences for your advertising.

Examples of insights one can get are;

  • Which Facebook pages are most popular with your customers
  • Which occupational groups are over-represented
  • What age group they have
  • If they tend to click more or less on ads than the average user on Facebook.. and much more!

Invest a few extra minutes in your creatives

It is very important that you do not treat ads on Facebook and Instagram as an advertisement in the newspaper, as a TV advertisement, etc. What makes Facebook Ads unique in this way is that you have to think a little about how you choose to design your ads.

Few people actually think through their strategy properly before doing a Facebook ad. If you just start by asking yourself if you had become interested in the ad you designed, then you can already prevent a boring ad from going out there.

If you spontaneously feel that the pictures and videos you are sitting on are a bit boring, there are today many fantastic smartphone apps (many of which are free) where you can with simple means get a picture for a video that “pops” out of the flow.

In addition to the pictures, also make sure to keep the copy is short and as neat as possible. Try not to think that you should maximize the text space and thus write as much as possible, but instead let the user be interested in discovering and reading more on your website.

Test new (and all!) Formats

Nowadays, there are many different formats in Facebook Ads. Depending on the type of product you have, the different formats are different. But if it is a rule of thumb to go with, it is to try and test through all formats to see if anyone stands out strongly in terms of performance.

Canvas Ad is an example of a format that we have seen particularly well suited for brands that want to strengthen their storytelling already in the ad. Here is a fantastic space for visually and in copy to tell a story behind – or just to deepen the experience of the brand.

Have patience and be cool

Another simple trick to increase efficiency is to not get too worried if your campaigns don’t work immediately. It is better to keep your hands away and let Facebook see if it can achieve better results than to be too change too much too often. You need to collect data in order to make decisions accordingly.

The same thing goes if it works very well, then it is no big idea to try to break your campaigns and thus destroy momentum. Facebook is powerful and does not need to be a channel that requires too much handling

The most important thing is that you are done right from the start and make sure you utilize Facebook’s potential in the right way, by having good creatives, an optimal campaign structure and setting the right settings (such as bids, budget, optimization goals, etc.).

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