5 Tips on How to Succeed with Social Media Marketing

Why use social media to grow your business? This is where your customers are. There are nearly 2.5 billion users of social media worldwide that rely on social media as their primary marketing channel because of how efficient it is to find and connect with new customers. It also does not cost an arm and a leg to use, unlike some of the traditional marketing methods.

If you are not already actively working on social media then it is time to create a clear strategy and start working frequently with creating awareness, driving sales and getting new customers.

1. Develop a clear strategy

Just like a business needs a business plan, your social media actions need a carefully crafted strategy.

When we help companies with social media, in the first stage, we conduct a current situation analysis where we analyze your brand, presence on social media and your target group to lay the foundation for our strategy. We have now created an understanding of your business which helps us to develop a strategic plan based on the brand’s industry, target group and channels.

2. Determine which channels are relevant for your company

All social media will not be suitable for your business and your target audience. Decide on 2-3 channels that you focus on and utilize these channels to the maximum instead of being everywhere.

3. Quality before quantity

Just as when choosing which channels to use, it is equally important to think about quality before quantity when it comes to what you publish.

Use visual elements as much as you can, no matter what social platform you use. Pictures, videos or GIFs are a great way to get people more engaged with your posts.

Write relevant texts that get your customers to interact with your content, ask questions or create polls where your customers get a chance to think.

4. Respond to any comments or messages

It’s easy to forget that behind every account there is a face, don’t take your customers for granted. By responding directly to comments or messages, you can humanize your brand. If you fail to interact with their customers, they may think that you do not care about them which is not good in the end.

More than 80 percent of all customers expect a company to respond within 24 hours of a social media post, according to: Altitude Software’s 2016 The Omnichannel Evolution of Customer Experience.

Social media engagement also offers an opportunity for you to showcase your brand’s unique personality.

Don’t hesitate to respond with a little humor, while showing your company’s skills. Using photographs of you and your employees at work is also an effective way to become more personal, as data shows that images of people on social media dramatically increase engagement.

5. Take inspiration from the best

Take inspiration from established brands on social media and experiment with some of their tactics on your own channels. They have achieved their success through winning strategies, so do you.

You can also monitor and take inspiration from what your competitors are doing. If you see a good idea, you can adapt it to your own campaigns.

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