Five Quick Tips to Lift Your Leadership

Five quick tips to lift your leadership

Not as quick to exercise – but effective!

According to this year’s CEO barometer, CEOs value that the second most important thing for a company’s success is employee engagement. Yet, only 1% of the CEOs actually focus on it. The CEOs also felt that they would be more effective if they devoted more time to reflection and prioritization. But they are all like us, stuck in the squirrel wheel.

There are no quickfixes for good leadership, but based on what the employees often call for, there is a lot to do that can have major effects.

Five important parts for you who are manager or leader others are:

Give more and clearer feedback
Take responsibility for quickly resolving conflicts (own and among employees)
Set clear goals and follow up goals and activities
Help employees prioritize when the workload is large
Create time for reflection and reflection
All people want more feedback. Feel free to direct and clear. I like to use the term Feedforward. Start from what works well and suggest how it can be even better. Positive focus gives more energy and conditions for greater involvement. But do not avoid quick fix when needed!

Feel free to ask colleagues and employees how they want your feedback and above all: Ask for feedback! In this way, you build a clearer feedback culture. When did you give direct feedback / feedforward last?

In a good, communicative culture, it will also be easier to prioritize together when needed.

Create time for reflection. Everyone I meet knows quite well what they could do to become a clearer and more responsive manager. Blocking time in the calendar, making an appointment with a colleague or friend and discussing what is important, or making sure you get a professional sounding board are some ways.

Pleasingly, there are many examples that targeted efforts give great effects. It is possible to increase leadership competence and increase awareness.

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