Become a Leader: 7 Tips in Leadership You Should Know

Become a Leader:  7 Tips in Leadership You Should Know

How does an employee from not being a leader, to a day become a leader? No change occurs overnight. Many persistent efforts are needed in the right direction to be accepted by leaders. Easiest we can be accepted as a leader within our working group. But in order for the entire organization to accept you as a leader, sustained and consistent work is needed.

Your journey as a leader has already begun, because you already lead yourself – good work! Small changes in how you act can make a big difference. Some of these changes can be found in the list below. Having said that, I wish you good luck. You will succeed if you really want to!

1. Become a leader by understanding teamwork.

The key feature of a leader is to work well with others. All prospective leaders need to first learn the secrets of working in groups – regardless of the personality types the group consists of.

Learn how other people work in different situations like; conflict, feedback, lack of attention etc. The most important person to learn to understand is yourself. Find out which personality type you are.

2. Become a leader by seeing you as a leader.

The journey towards becoming a leader has already begun. You can improve your leadership, without being a leader, because it is primarily about paying attention to others. You don’t have to be a leader to pay attention to others.

Start by looking for things your colleagues do – which you think deserves a praise. They can be about the smallest, for example; how they spread good energy at work, how carefully it performs its work or how well they take care of their colleagues. Show gratitude!

3. Never stop developing in your professional role.

It makes it easier if you are an expert in any professional field, before you take the leadership position. Your expertise will draw the attention of senior managers. Find out other areas of knowledge that can help you become an official leader – for example, how to lead a group, or other leadership-related. A leader never stops learning new things. Take that habit and you’ll get closer to your goal!

4. Become a leader by working with feedback

You need to ask your colleagues and manager for feedback, and be able to receive it properly. You lose valuable insights from others who can help you become a leader if you do not ask for feedback. When you ask for feedback, you need to receive it correctly.

It means listening and never questioning – even when you disagree. It is courageous to dare to give feedback, and to challenge the person who gives it (for example, rejecting it). The last thing we want is to deter people who have insights that can help us !.

5. Become a leader by understanding the company.

A good leader understands the deal, therefore it is important to understand the product and service you sell, but also the consumer. In order to be a leader in the organization, your superiors need to trust that you understand it to the fullest. Someone who lacks understanding of how the company operates.

Show how well you understand the customer by coming up with suggestions for improving, for example, product offerings. Your goal is not necessarily to change. It is enough to measure your success in how much you are listening to. The more a parent listens to you, the more relevant you are to this.

6. Become a leader by communicating well.

A lack of ability to communicate will put a spanner in the wheel for everything you want to change in leadership. If you want to become a leader, you need to train your ability to communicate. That means adapting your ways of delivering messages based on who you are talking to. How we incorporate information differs, and much has to do with our confirmation need.

With some it is enough to be straight, while others need you to show more interest in the person (and your relationship) – before you say something important (for example, by asking how the person is feeling) – because this does not immediately start to believe that something is on the move.

7. Become a leader by acting directly.

A leader acts before being told to do so. If you become a leader, you need to embrace this way of thinking, in the position you have in the company. It may be, for example, to confront the actions of your colleagues who are disadvantageous to corporate culture or to wish to present suggestions for improvement.

A leader has momentum and always looks further ahead than one’s own nose. Always act on the best of the company without attacking anyone or anything in person. If you create positive change by acting directly – share the praise with your colleagues instead of enjoying it yourself.


The choice 7 valuable tips for anyone who wants to become a leader. Some tips feel simple, but don’t be fooled. It takes tremendous work to change behavior patterns in ourselves.

We have shaped these behaviors throughout our lives. They are stuck in the beginning – it feels like – but in the end they let go. You can guarantee becoming a leader by continuing to work hard with yourself and your behavior patterns.

In order to become a leader, you first need to be able to lead yourself, before you can lead others – because leadership requires understanding for people. If you do not understand yourself, you cannot understand others – or how you relate to them.

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