14 Tools to Measure ROI of Instagram Influencer Marketing

A big problem with Instagram is that you have to rely on their data to evaluate the collaboration with influencers. Because of this, several people and companies have developed their own analytics tools for Instagram, so you can measure the effect with their influencer collaborations. Instagram has the Instagram Insights feature, but they have limited the transparency of anyone who has a business account. You can then use the Instagram Business Profile to get statistics, but you still do not know what Instagram (or Facebook who owns Instagram) delivers data to you when you do not have access to first-party data. This has led to the development of various apps and online tools for analyzing activities on Instagram has continued to grow, as you demand better control over what you get for your money when working with influencers. If you are going to work with influencers, it is important to set clear goals for the collaboration so that you can follow up. You need an independent analysis tool to measure the impact of your social media marketing. There are a few different tools that are better or worse on different things, since they were developed with different purposes. Therefore, it is important that you start with your goals when choosing tools. Here you have the top analysis tools available on the market today to measure the collaboration with influencers on Instagram, you get to evaluate yourself which you think is best for you.

14 Instagram Analytics Tools for Influencers:

  • Instagram Statistics
  • Crowd Fire
  • Deep Social
  • HootSuite Analytics
  • HypeAuditor
  • Iconosquare
  • keyhole
  • Picture.io
  • Pixlee
  • Sprout Social
  • social Bakers
  • social Rank
  • Square Lovin
  • Union Metrics

Instagram Statistics

Instagram Statistics is a free analytics tool that Instagram offers all users linked to your company’s profile. You get statistics with total impressions and change compared to the previous week. You can also find other interesting measurement values. Here are the metrics you get with Instagram Statistics
  • Scope of the account
  • Profiles that have seen
  • Click on the site
  • click / email clicks
You also get Top Posts showing your six best posts from the last week, based on the number of views. You can click “See more” to see more details or if you want to adjust your filters, for example if you want to see data for a longer period of time or other metrics (impressions, reach, engagement, likes, comments, opinions). If you are interested in discovering detailed statistics about a particular post, you can find it by clicking View Insights in the current post. In the next part of Instagram Insights it says Stories, where you get statistics for your Instagram Stories. You can change filters for the time period you want to analyze (up to 14 days), along with the data you want, for example. impressions, reach and more. You can also analyze your followers. It shows the average time your followers are on Instagram during the specified period. You also get statistics on:
  • Counting of followers
  • Gender distribution
  • Age range
  • Your trailers’ top locations
  • Followers activity
With Instagram Insights you also get information for all your Instagram ads. However, all data you get from Instagram is so you do not have access to first-party data and have no insight into how they filter the information to you.

Crowd Fire

Crowdfire is a tool that helps you find and schedule different posts, you can even manage all your social media accounts from one place. It is essentially a tool so you can plan your posts for all your social network accounts. There is a free version as well as a premium version that you pay for. You also get a tool to analyze your social media, but you only get data for a day with the free version. You can analyze the data for 30 days of data with the pay versions. Crowdfire should also have launched a more advanced version for analysis work.

Deep Social

Deep Social gives you rankings on influencers via an AI-powered platform. It is classified as one of the most detailed analytics tool for Instagram on the market. You can look at data for 500 influencers, or analyze accounts for five influencers for free. After that, you have to start paying for the tool. The tool provides in-depth data for demographics and behavior both for influencers and their audiences. However, they use predictive analytics to forecast their data instead of relying on actual data, as Instagram no longer delivers it via their API. Deep Social collected a lot of data when it was available that they could use for their AI to make very accurate predictions. It is especially useful when looking for new influencers and trying to find people who could fit with your target audience.

HootSuite Analytics

HootSuite is primarily known as a social media planning tool. Their free account allows you to manage three social profiles, schedule up to 30 social messages and access basic analytics, where you can see the growth of followers and see what type of content works with your audience. The free version gives you access to a range of integrations to analyze social activities. The paid version gives you more powerful analysis features so you can grow in the tool. With the paid version, you get access to an overview of your important metrics with a clear brief snapshot of the activity in your most important Instagram accounts, so you can follow trends and measure growth.


HypeAuditor provides you with third-party analytics for Instagram. It was snapped up by HypeFactory 2017, when the company decided to focus on its strengths – data and analysis. HypeAuditor is a large database powered by artificial intelligence that has so far indexed nearly 3 million Instagram profiles. It has a “Pay-As-You-Go model” you pay without subscribing. You buy tokens and spend them on reports for influencer reports, you get a lower price the more you buy. The analysis that HypeAuditor provides for each influencer is the “Audience Quality Score” for Instagram. The metric ranges from 1 to 100 and consists of three components
  • Engagement Rate
  • Authentic Engagement
  • Followers Reachability
Audience Quality Score uses AI to detect cheating and occasional followers. All influencers with a rating above 70 should be safe to work with.


Iconosquare is a payment app that gives you sharp analysis with a tool that helps you with your account on Instagram and Facebook. They offer more than just analysis, you also get a tool for planning your posts and your content. You get access to analytics related to your audience and your content. You get data on engagement, reach, activity, page performance, performance on Instagram Stories as well as for your hashtags. You can also analyze data for at least three of your competitors. Iconosquare also offers a free Instagram Audit tool, which provides you with data on 20 different metrics related to your account settings, account activity, engagement and optimization of your posts.


Keyhole is a payment service that offers comprehensive analysis. You will have the opportunity to track and report different accounts. The tool lets you monitor all Instagram posts linked to your brand, as well as to your competitors, so you see how they perform. With this knowledge, you can optimize your future strategy for your content to create growth and engagement. Keyhole also has extensive tagging of hashtag and keywords.


Picture.io from Chute is different from several other tools. You don’t get the usual kind of analysis, but it gives you a measure of your visual impact. It gives you an “Influence Score” designed to measure the effects of visual content. The tool believes that the visual has an important impact and has a strong connection with the creator – simply the ability to build active communities. They believe that “visual influence is the way we frame the world, which they consider incredibly important.”


Pixlee offers a free analytics tool for Instagram. Once you’ve signed up, they’ll send you a shareable weekly report, with the most relevant data from last week on Instagram. It helps identify other influencers on Instagram in your niche and you can monitor for your brand. Pixlee includes hashtag and tracking statistics and you can see the growth of followers on your Instagram and identify which ones are your most engaging posts. The tool is more designed for companies and brands, rather than for influencers, and gives you an analysis of the latest activity in your account for free.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured offers a variety of tools to help influencers, companies, brands and agencies with their social media marketing. They divide their products into Listening, Social Analytics and Social Media Management. One of their offerings is Social Marketing Analytics, which they describe as “social intelligence to help you reach the right people.” It helps you explore and report the performance of you and your competitors. They have recently updated the service to include analysis of Instagram Stories. Simply Measured gives you a detailed range of different types of interesting insights for analyzing Instagram, it is possible to measure your content and what impact it has on brand awareness based on reach and views on Instagram. You can also measure how your brand is performing in social media. It allows you to get a sense of the reach of your hashtag campaigns on Instagram and measure how your brand is growing with new and total followers. You can measure how you are performing against your competitors. You can also identify which campaigns and content have worked best for your competitors. With this information you can get a better understanding of which posts create the most engagement. You can also identify the top keywords used in comments and find related conversations so you can join the discussion.

Social Bakers

Social bakers are primarily a platform for helping companies with social media marketing. “We help brands engage and grow their customer base by aligning content with useful AI-driven audience insight.” But it contains a variety of social tools. One of these is Socialbaker’s Instagram Analytics Tool. Which allows anyone with a personal or company profile on Instagram to discover statistics on the most popular posts on Instagram and track them to learn what it is that interests the audience.

Social Rank

SocialRank is a tool for both Instagram and Twitter that helps you manage your followers better. It is a segmentation tool that helps you identify, organize and manage your audience on social media. When you log in to SocialRank you can segment the audience by using different sorting and filtering options. You can sort your target audience by those who are most valuable, most engaged (like most), who comment and tag, best followers, most followed, alphabetically or chronologically. You can filter and pinpoint your audience with a filter ranging from keywords, word / hashtag search and geographic location to verify them, you get number of followers, activity and other metrics. With SocialRank for Content you can analyze granular data for your audience and your content. It gives you a comprehensive timeline for each post so you can gain insight into its effect and which are the most influential interactions. SocialRank is a payment tool.

Square Lovin

Squarelovin is primarily a user-generated content platform, but it has a good analytics tool, called Instagram Insights. You can access this tool for free. The platform starts with a simple overview of your Instagram account. It gives you all the essential information you need for your audience. You also get information about your account’s growth, likes, followers and impact. You get information about engagement, with detailed metrics about the types of posts that attracted the most likes and comments. You can easily compare engagement so you can understand your followers and their behavior a little better. Finally, Squarelovin Instagram Insights gives you all the information you need to know to optimize your posts. They provide instructions on which filters and hashtags have been most successful for your followers. Squarelovin analyzes all your post history for these insights.

Union Metric

Union Metric has recently linked its social marketing intelligence to TrendKite, which has an AI-driven measurement for earned media as well as Insightpool and their social influencer data to create a joint business. Their primary service is a social media platform that provides marketing teams the opportunity to analyze data to build an effective social media strategy in their daily work in social media. It is a payment service for analytics on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. For Instagram, you get reports on reach and impressions, engagement, influencers, with topics that you talk about as well as geography and sentiment analysis. Union Metric also offers a free tool for Instagram. They use a subset of the algorithms from their payment services to give you a free checkup for your Instagram account. Which gives you an indication of the best time to post to your followers on Instagram, which hashtags create the most engagement and what type of content you should post more (or less) of.


All these services will help you in your work on social media, but you will not be able to access on-party data from Instagram. So you have to settle for the analytics tools available on the market today as a kind of third-party tool that helps you evaluate your marketing efforts in social media and your collaborations with influencers, to find out what types of posts and collaborations are giving the effect you has set goals.

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