2023 Lead Generation Tactics for B2C Companies

Unlike in the past where it was up to a business to reach out to potential customers, today, consumers have evolved in that regard so they also put a great deal of effort into finding your business. 

However, once they find you, the responsibility of creating something meaningful from that contact lies with you. It is upon you to nurture that lead by making them aware of the service or product offered to eventually having them as a potential customer.

In this digital age, marketing tools are continually changing, and so are the market and consumer trends. Therefore, for your business to stay ahead of the competition, you need to anticipate change and project suitable measures. 

In this article, we discuss some lead generation tactics B2C can benefit from in the coming year.

Content marketing

By now, you should be aware that you need content that engages the right audience. At the same time, you want content that provides valuable and relevant information, if you are to create a quality lead. 

Just take a look at us. Being among the top B2C lead generation companies, and you will notice that we all stress on the importance of having great, helpful and in-depth content. It is through content that people will learn of your existence, expertise and then give you the chance to create a relationship and nurture the lead to a prospective buyer.

When a customer fails to convert during the first contact, you can use some tools to identify their behavior. Notice what they were doing while they were on your site and then use it re-target them. By doing so, you will be able to address their specific interests and needs. 

The good thing is that today, there are various distribution channels for your content.

Channels you use will depend on the demographics of your target audience. Therefore, in 2023, make sure to fully exploit all avenues of sharing content based on the characteristics of your target group. 

Also keep in mind that besides just creating interest and building relationships, your content needs to have a specific objective.

Have a strong social media presence

Previous experiences motivate most online buyers. Therefore, if customers get a pleasant experience with your brand, nurturing them through the buying journey becomes much more manageable. And there is no better place to engage and share with customers than on social media.  

Major social platforms currently allow you to run polls or even put up a live video, and this gives you real-time information about your target. 

So, instead of using social media to sell, use it to build trust and good relationships with your leads. Use the data gathered to identify what type of content they want and even keep track of their reception towards it.

In the coming year, work to invest more in social media and social media tools. Create shareable content to reach out to more people and also choose a platform that works for you and your audience, as opposed to being on every available social platform.

Maximize on your landing pages

Your landing page is supposed to help generate leads. But before a visitor gives you their contact information, they need to feel that they will be receiving something of value. You, therefore, need to create your landing page in a very appealing way that gets to communicate to the visitor within a short time.

Remember that every visitor is looking for something specific, and thus you need to address this during the design process of your landing page. 

Have the page remain simple but with all that is required. State the problem you want to solve, present the solution, and let visitors see value in it and then deliver on your promise.

To make your landing page even more successful in 2023, try making the lead form short and precise. You can use tools like autofill and radio buttons to minimize typing, emphasize on the Call To Action button, and only ask for information that you need. 

People are slowly becoming cautious on who they share their personal information with, so go the extra mile to guarantee clients of data safety.

Final Remarks

Only three tactics have been discussed above, which you may already be working on. However, there are still other ways for you to kick up B2C lead generation in 2023. 

You can look into SMS marketing, voice search, optimizing your website for major search engines, and even using your email lists to remarket your services and products.

However, one of most important actions is to watch out for consumer behavior trends and remain flexible to adapt to changes fast.

Author: Dennis Dubner, CEO of SONDORA MARKETING – a multilingual Digital Marketing Agency with HQ is Switzerland helping medium and large-sized businesses across the Globe with achieving the accelerated top line growth through micro-targeted online marketing campaigns. 

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