How To Create Shareable Instagram Content?

If you are using Instagram to market your fitness business, you need to focus on creating content that your audience will be willing to share with their friends, family, and others within their social circles. The higher the number of shares your content is getting, the greater your reach will be.

Also, Instagram shares can boost your engagement rates. And, this translates to increased brand awareness as well as more leads and potential clients. So, how can you create shareable Instagram content? The good news is that creating shareable content on Instagram is not as complicated or challenging as it may appear. Here are some actionable tips and tricks that you can use to create shareable Instagram content.

Ensure Your Content is Helpful

According to a survey conducted by the New York Times, 90% of social media users will first assess the usefulness or helpfulness of content before sharing it within their social circles. Therefore, if you want your content to generate more shares on Instagram, you need to ensure it’s helpful or useful to your audience.

So, how do you make sure the content you create will be useful or helpful to your Instagram audience? Well, you simply need to make sure that the majority of the information you are sharing on Instagram will add value to your audience or solve a problem your followers may be facing.

After benefiting from your information, there’s a high chance that your followers will also pass around that content to those within their social circles. Simply put, as long as your content on Instagram is genuinely helpful, you can be certain that it will be shared in and outside the platform.

Add Visual Content

Your content on Instagram has to stand out for it to be shared. And, this is where high-quality visuals come in. According to a recent survey, high-quality, visual content is likely to get shared 40 times more, compared to other types of content on social media. And, going by the visual nature of Instagram, you can also expect that high-quality, visual content will generate more shares, compared to a simple wall of text.

The good news is that creating high-quality, visual content is not as challenging as it used to be a couple of years ago. There are lots of tools and sites out there that you can use to easily create high-quality images, infographics and other forms of visuals.

Canva, Venngage, Visme and Piktochart are among the tools and sites that you can use. They have thousands of templates, which you can use to create branded visual content for Instagram. You can simplify the process even further by using ready-made templates, which you can edit and customize in Canva.

Trigger Emotions

Several studies have shown that emotions have the power to engage people and encourage them to share content on social media platforms. So, whenever you are creating content for Instagram, make sure you incorporate language that will evoke emotions like happiness, surprise, motivation, laughter, anger, shock and surprise.

Leverage Trends

If you are still struggling to create shareable Instagram content, then you should consider incorporating trending topics. Trending topics are things that people are currently talking about or discussing. And, these topics change quite fast. For instance, a topic may remain relevant for a day or a week at most.

However, as much as trending content will only be relevant for a brief moment, it can lead to hundreds of shares. And there’s no shortage of trending topics in the fitness industry.

You simply need to visit Instagram, click the search icon and type in a key phrase relevant to your niche. Instagram will return different results, which will also include hashtags related to trending topics or events.

You can then select any of the topics or events, create content around it, post on Instagram and add the relevant hashtags. And, there’s a high chance that the majority of the people talking about that topic at the moment will also share your post.

Write Long Captions

When publishing content on Instagram, you have the option of using short or long captions. And, most people will go for shorter captions, since they will take less time and effort to write.

However, studies have shown that Instagram posts with longer captions get more comments and likes, compared to those with shorter captions. And, this also applies to shares.

So, if you want more people on Instagram to share your posts, it will be highly advisable to go for longer captions. When it comes to writing longer captions, make sure you create short paragraphs and space them out. Also, use emojis for creating lists, as opposed to bullet points or numbers. And, remember to end with a call to action, encouraging your followers to share the post.


Creating shareable Instagram is not as easy as it used to be, with the platform’s constantly changing algorithm. But with the tips that we’ve shared here, you are now adequately equipped to create Instagram content that’s optimized for sharing. And by posting such content regularly, your reach and sales will all increase.

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