How to Use Instagram in Your Business

If you plan to start using Instagram in your company or are you already using Instagram but want some tips on how to develop there, this post may be for you. In this guide, we share some of our best tips on how to use Instagram in your business.

Young users

Instagram is an obvious channel for many companies to promote and communicate with their target audience. 60% of women and 40% of men use Instagram and the largest group of users is girls 12-15 years. If you do not have that target audience in mind, do not dislike Instagram for it. There are so many who are on Instagram that there are enough users for you to communicate with too.

Instagram vs Facebook

Comparing Instagram and Facebook isn’t really fair, but they are still commonly compared. On Facebook, you can share posts and also link to other pages. However, you can’t do that on Instagram, but there are ways to get around it, read more about it further down in this post.

Another thing that distinguishes these services is how and what posts are visible to different users. On Facebook, an algorithm controls which posts you should see based on which you have interacted with previously. Business pages can come in the cloud in the news feed on Facebook. On Instagram, all posts on the agenda are shown. This means that you who have a page on Instagram can have more reach on your posts than on Facebook.

What do your competitors do?

A very simple and effective way to get tips on good content on their Instagram page is to see what your competitors are doing. Do the research and select the ones you think are good and suitable for your business. Feel free to use the same filter in all the pictures you post, so your followers will eventually recognize you just by looking at the picture you posted.

Instagram Link on Instagram

As we mentioned earlier, it is possible to get around the lack of being able to link to other pages on Instagram. On an Instagram account, you can add a link in your profile to your website, blog, or any page. You can change that link as often as you like. By making a post and at the same time referring to the link contained in the profile, you can get your followers to a specific page through a simple click, such as a product in a webshop. Just keep in mind that old posts will have the wrong link in them.

Advertise on Instagram

You can easily advertise on Instagram through your Facebook account with a simple click. Just make sure that the image you use from Facebook also works on Instagram which is square while pictures on Facebook are usually landscape.


You should tag your posts with a hashtag (#). The maximum you can use is 30. Using hashtags allows you to widen your exposure and reach new audiences. If you want to quickly get more people following you on Instagram, you should organize a contest where you create your own hashtag during which the contest goes under, just make sure no one else is already using your hashtag. Hope these tips gave you something useful.

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