Useful SEO Tips From The Experts

Useful SEO Tips From The Experts

Anyone who has a website for their business needs that website to get traffic and then be converted into sales. Ensuring that a website is visible on search engines, search engine optimization increases the number of visitors and the quality of those visitors. Here are some simple tips you can follow to ensure that your website can receive the attention that it deserves.

Conduct And Audit

An SEO audit evaluates a web page or website’s SEO against the best practices for search engines and users. An SEO audit can be done as part of a website redesign or as a means to set a benchmark for improvement. Either way, it is crucial to do an audit before implementing any SEO changes to ensure the site’s continued success.

The results of an inspection are used to identify optimization opportunities, prioritize them, and develop a plan to implement them. The scope and depth of an audit vary. You can get an overview of the SEO health of a page by using specific tools, both free and paid. The best-known free tool is called screaming Frog, and it allows you to analyze up to 500 pages. These tools will provide an exhaustive list of SEO issues that you can fix on your site.

Improve On-Site SEO

This follows on from your audit. Essentially it would be best if you made your website easy for not only ordinary people to navigate but also search engine spiders to crawl efficiently. These “spiders” are what search engines use to ascertain what your website is about and where it should rank it for what keyword. If your website is overly complex or has a confusing structure, you risk not being listed well. 

Build Backlinks (Off-Site SEO)

If on-site SEO is the engine, off-site is the fuel that powers it forwards. The SEO professionals at Excite Media describe that when your website is recognized as an authority on a particular topic, it will start to boost your rankings. The way that search engines like Google ascertain authority is via what is known as backlinking.

To move up and get to the coveted number one spot, you need to aim to get links from other, more authoritative websites than your own. It signals to Google and others that you are a trustworthy website and should be shown to more people.

Boost Site Speed

The speed of your website is fast becoming a ranking factor. Essentially the faster your site is, the more likely it will outrank competitors. You should bear in mind that this is a minor criterion, but all things being equal, it could put you ahead of the pack with a few simple tweaks. You can install caching plugins that serve up a version of your site that has been stored on your website server.

This means that it should load far quicker than if it had to reload every element on the page from scratch. Moreover, a fast website increases the chance that a visitor will stay on your website. The longer they stay, the more likely it is that they will convert into a customer.

Repurpose Old Posts

Search engines and Google in particular favor fresh content. However, you can achieve freshness by checking over any old content to see if you can update it. This is a quick and simple fix that anyone can do, which doesn’t cost any money. You can check on any existing content you have that gets traffic and look out for the hemorrhaging traffic posts. Once you have established which content to fix, you can get started.

The key is to make sure that you research the ones that are overtaking you and see what they add that is new. Perhaps your content is no longer relevant, or the content mentions things that no longer exist. Whatever the reason, you can find out and create something new.

Write More Content

Following on from repurposing old content, you must start creating new content regularly. This will allow you to rank for more keywords, bringing more people to your site.

You can use keyword research tools to find new topics to write about, and you can even spy on competitors to find out what their most popular content is. Once you know, you can write about the same topic but improve it by making it more detailed or adding in visual elements like graphics and videos.


SEO is not too difficult, but it can be time-consuming or expensive if not done correctly. It is also vital that you approach it in the way that companies like Google require. Nevertheless, once you have attempted some of these tips, you should be able to see a boost in traffic coming to your site.

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