Influencer Marketing – A Gold Mine for Content

Influencer Marketing – A Gold Mine for Content

Most marketers today are aware of the most obvious strengths of influencer marketing and we have written several blogs on the subject. One benefit that not everyone may think of is how influencer marketing can contribute quality and relevant content – something that is often in short supply for marketers. Here we give you four reasons why influencer marketing is a real goldmine, even from a content perspective.

1. The content process is both time and cost effective

The main purpose, and perhaps the most obvious advantage, of influencer marketing is the opportunity to reach their target group through people they relate to and trust. What many do not think about is that all the content that the profiles create can also be used in the company’s own marketing. And the best? All content is already ready and ready to use! Keep in mind that you need to agree with the profile on how you are allowed to use the image material, often this can cost extra. However, that cost is minimal compared to what it would cost to hire a photographer, a studio and the photography team that is often required to take pictures at the same level as influencers can produce – they are experts in producing good content and do it pretty much every day.

2. All content is created for your target audience

One of the strengths of working with influencers is that they put a lot of time, often many years, into building a relationship with their followers. With this experience behind them, they know what kind of content creates engagement – what works and what doesn’t, quite simply. It can be about anything from the kind of images that get many likes or the texts that engage and create a dialogue. By using the content that influencers have created, you can thus know for sure that the content is relevant to your target group (provided that you have chosen the right profiles that reach your target group, that is).

3. The content is adapted for social media

Another advantage of reusing the content that influencers have created is that in most cases it is adapted for social media. So you do not have to change the format or rethink your messages for them to work on social platforms, which of course saves time and energy. Here it is important to review your social media strategy so that the content is synced and follows a common thread, regardless of whether it is content created by influencers or by your own marketing department.

4. IGC is the new UGC!

A buzzword that has flourished steadily in marketing lately is user generated content, or UGC, ie all the content about product or service that is not created by the company itself but by the user / end consumer. The main strength of this type of content is its high credibility and authenticity – it is a person with their own voice who is behind it. When you let an influencer create content for you (influencer generated content = IGC) you can achieve the same effect – we humans have an easier time relating to a message when it comes from a clear person, rather than from a company – it is in our nature . In many cases, the influencers you choose to collaborate with are also part of your target group for the product or service in question, which gives you content that is created for your target group, by your target group.

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