5 Tips for Successful Facebook Marketing

Using Facebook for marketing has almost become standard for businesses. But many could achieve greater success with their marketing activities on the platform. Read on for specific tips on how to take your Facebook marketing to the next level.

1. Dare to be active on Facebook

It can feel a little scary to start using Facebook more actively as part of marketing. But keep in mind what suits your brand, think an extra time before sending comments and writing captions.

For example, you can:
Share content that is relevant to your area and that your potential customers might appreciate. This is an easy way to be helpful rather than sellable. Especially for those moments when you simply can’t create your own content. Be sure to add a comment from your company about the content.

Invite users to like your business page. Remember to tell us why you are inviting people and why they should follow you. For example, for interesting tips or so that they can keep track of your events and happenings. Why not invite those who liked your latest post?

Spend time in the comments field. Do not release post wind to wave as soon as they are published. Our marketing tip is to follow what’s going on in the comment sections on your business page on Facebook. Like comments and respond where relevant and where it applies. Stay neutral if negative opinions emerge.

Open up for messages. If you want to use Facebook as a convenient place for dialogue with your customers, you should enable the messenger function. Today there are several smart features that make it more manageable. For example, you can post messages that are sent automatically when you are busy with something else or not at work.

2. Marketing Activities: Bid on Value Before You Sell

Our first tip is not to be too salesy and promotional with Facebook marketing on your business page. In advertising, the sales focus is more natural, but in the flow on the business side, it is about giving your potential customers a reason to follow you. What do they get out of it? For example, you can share valuable tips, wonderful inspiration, or something else that suits your target group and your industry.

If you sell clothes, you could show 10 different shirts perfect for a party. If you run a car company, you could have a few of your sellers tell people about their favorite cars. One tip is to then target Facebook ads to people who have interacted with these posts on your business page.

3. Don’t underestimate image and video

Pictures and videos are great on social media. The platforms are packed with information. Therefore, in order to succeed in marketing on Facebook, it must stand out. And something that can cause tired scrollers to stop is high quality and relevant images and videos. Generally, it’s good to use images that focus on as few things as possible in your Facebook marketing activities. Especially in the mobile where the pictures are small. Then they must be clear in order for the recipient to perceive what they represent.

Also, make sure the image is relevant to what the ad or post is about. Not sure which image sizes and formats fit?

4. Promote Posts and Advertise on Facebook

Suddenly setting up an advertising budget for Facebook can feel like a big step

But today, the platform prioritizes paid content and you may need to sponsor content for it to appear even to your followers. There are two ways to buy visibility: advertising a post that already exists and creating standalone ads. By buying visibility, you simply get a larger audience than a regular post would get.

Compared to ads, it’s easy to manage, because you have fewer choices to make. If you have worked with a company page before, you have probably been asked by Facebook to market posts directly on the company page. It happens that you create a regular post and choose to sponsor it in connection with publishing. Then you have to fill in:

Target group more generally: With broad brush strokes you can choose which ones you want the post to reach. For example, based on age, city, and whether the people have interacted with your business page.
Your budget ceiling: To make you feel confident that you are not spending too much, you must specify where you want to limit the cost.
Time period: You choose how long you want to market the post on Facebook.

To get more professional sponsorship of existing posts, you can use the Facebook Ads Manager tool. It is the same tool that you create standalone ads in.

By setting up ads here you get significantly more customization options. For example, you can target advertising for sports clothing to sports enthusiasts and show a special offer for those who have their birthdays soon. You can also remind those who have visited your site about the products they looked at but did not purchase.

But it’s not just about audiences, Ads Manager also gives you other benefits. For example, the risk of accidentally displaying an ad to the same people is greater if you boost posts directly on the business page rather than using Ads Manager.

5. Measure the results of your marketing on Facebook

To find out what works, measure the outcome. Facebook gives you great opportunities to do just that. But maybe you sighed deeply inside when you saw the word “measure”? Sure, statistics are hard to sift through and it can be a great uphill to get into everything and understand how the numbers should be interpreted.

But it is well worth it to stop guessing about what marketing activities on Facebook are really achieving success. Would you like to get the measurement results served on silver barrels? Then the Social Report from us is a good alternative. You will receive regular reports on how your social media is performing, in an easy-to-understand format that you can take in while drinking your afternoon coffee.

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