Reasons You Fail with Your Marketing

Wondering why people don’t come to your business? It most likely has to do with your marketing. Maybe it is the lack of marketing or it is in the way you conduct your marketing. In this post, you can read about why you are failing in your marketing and get tips and suggestions on how you can do better, in order to get the most value for your money.

Companies have always bought traditional ads in the form of display ads and similar. Why would you end it now? Yes, one reason may be that print is a costly channel and that fewer and fewer read physical magazines and many have ad blockers turned on when they read the magazine online. The bottom line is that it has become ineffective, or at the very least do not offer a great return on investment.

Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing or omnichannel marketing is not something that is simple. It is about putting the customer at the center of their marketing and the entire customer experience. It is put to the test if, for example, you have a physical store and e-commerce. Today, the customer expects to have the same experience whether you visit the store on-site or shop online in the e-store. Previously, it was accepted to pay different prices in stores and online.

Today, one expects omnichannel pricing, ie it is the same price no matter what channel you come from or use during your buying trip. Therefore, consider the possibility of free shipping and returns to be competitive and encourage people to shop online. Then you can have a smaller store or even switch to running the store online only. Read more about it in The Digital Journey.

You do not prioritize marketing as a cost

Traditional marketing has become less effective in recent decades.

Ask yourself what your ROI can be when you buy those newspaper ads in the local newspaper or what your ROI can be when you post videos and pictures on Instagram. Promoting your business for free on Instagram can be a great start to your work on social media.

You invest nothing in online marketing

Being seen online today is a crucial for all companies. Being able to be found when a customer searches on Google, Facebook, or Instagram is extremely important in order to attract new and existing customers. If you are not experienced with the Internet, you can always take the help of a trainee, family member, friend, or colleague.

When it comes to content creation, you should consider how much can be done in movable formats, such as a video.

Offline vs online

A marketing mistake is that there is no clear line between your bets online and offline. Design, messages, and campaigns that differ from each other and only create confusion for the recipient. Make sure you have a clear strategy that follows all your online and offline marketing. An easy way is to create a guideline or manual for how you and the company should handle logos, colors, images, messages, and much more.

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