5 New Online Marketing Trends to look for in 2023

2022 has been a year of innovation & rediscovery. Things have changed and one such thing is consumer buying behavior. Research has shown that more than 55% of the consumers have slowly transformed into functional buyers.

What does it mean?

People will not buy any product unless and until they can see any functional benefit out of the product. Not only does it mean that the product has to be of functional value, but it is also important for the product to be aesthetically appealing.

This is what brings about new trends in marketing. The product is not just about the features that it provides, it is also about the experience that the users get while reaching the product.

User journey has become a key parameter that every organization needs to look into. In today’s article, we look into the five new online marketing trends in 2021 that can transform your business completely.

So without any ado, let’s dive straight into the five trends to watch out for!

1. Influencer marketing:

Don’t you think that influencers are taking over the marketplace by storm? The growth of social media has been close to 150% in the last couple of years.

And it is this growth that has made the marketers think about how influencers can be their potential champions for their brand. With firms slowly shifting towards influencer marketing, if you still haven’t shifted, it is high time that you dedicate some part of the budget solely for influencer marketing.

2. Video is the secret for hyper growth:

We are looking forward to a hyper-growth mechanism. The perfect way is video marketing. Gone are the times when we people would actually go ahead and select a product based on the image of the product.

Users want to experience the product. Users want to feel how it seems to probably see the product working. And this is where video marketing comes into play.

2021 has been the year when users have not only become technologically more advanced, but have also started expecting out-of-the-box marketing techniques.

If you wish to grow your business at an accelerating pace, don’t think twice about video marketing.

3. Target the right user and save billions:

It has been said by businesses that they have churned billions of dollars just to keep the bottom line intact. Yet surprisingly, they have also claimed that not targeting the right audience has been a major cause for such a cash burn.

2021 is going to be the year when marketers should start focusing on the right target audience.

The right target audience can help you not only save tremendous amounts of cash but will also help you to gain a loyal customer base.

As taught in the schools of marketing, acquiring a new cast customer is five times costlier than retaining a customer.

This brings us to the next point of online marketing, which is understanding the consumer needs to retain your customer base.

4. Vouchers and discounts have still not lost their sheen: 

The more we talk about customer acquisition, we should talk even further about customer retention.

Online marketing has changed and this is where customer retention and loyalty programs should also metamorphose.

2021 is going to be the year when you should think about rolling out new forms of customer discounts, vouchers and tying up with their partners to enhance an awesome customer experience.

Research has shown that 25% of the customers bounce just because of a poor website. So, it is time to find out what is causing your customers to bounce off.

5. Repeating what’s working and checking off what’s not: 

Online marketing is a hyper-competitive space. You need to be on your toes 24/7. And you should not stop experimenting.

You learn from your competitors and this is going to be taking your organization to the next level. Try out new things. Measure the changes as well as find out what is working the best for your business.

Now that you have discovered it, keep doing it over and over again.

Bottom line: 2021 has been that particular year where the digital revolution has seen a new phase. If you’re thinking about starting a new digital business then these new online marketing tips are going to be the perfect ones to implement. Though this is not the complete list of strategies that you need to be successful. Every type of business needs some custom strategies. Consult with a marketing agency to finalize the strategies that you need to implement for your business. If you are from Australia then a digital marketing agency in Melbourne can be your one-stop solution.

Just a word of cautionWhatever you are doing, consistency is going to remain the key to your success.

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