How to Increase Company Sales During Corona

How to Increase Company Sales During Corona

6 out of 10 companies have changed their sales during corona. With our seven tips, your business can do the same, and find new ways to increase your company’s sales during corona.

According to a Novus survey, six out of ten sales and marketing managers have made major changes to their sales strategy during the corona pandemic. Among other things, almost a third state that they have increased their additional sales to existing customers. Almost as many have started selling in new channels.

To help you adjust, we have developed seven steps that will quickly help you increase your company’s sales during corona.

Step 1: Offer new forms of delivery

It does not matter if you are sending physical products or offering services. During these times, you need to reschedule the delivery.

If you sell physical products, you can offer home delivery or pickup. You can also offer purchases online or by phone. This works just as well for shops as restaurants and cafes. Feel free to team up with other companies and coordinate deliveries to save money and the environment.
If you sell services, you can try to do exactly the same thing – change the form of delivery! Maybe you can perform the service at the customer’s home? Or digitally? Or on site with you, but without other people nearby?
The company’s sales during corona need to adapt. And it does not have to be difficult, but it must be done.

Step 2: Buy now, redeem later

Many of your customers understand that this is a tough time for the company’s sales during corona. Therefore, they are happy to support your business if they can, and a good way to do that can be to buy gift cards.

Many companies offer extra value when customers buy gift cards right now. Maybe 30% extra if you buy the gift card today – and you have up to a year to shop. This strengthens liquidity. NOTE! Make sure that the future debt does not become too large, it can bite you in the tail later.

Step 3: Create time-limited offers

Corona or not, customers love special offers. Right here, right now! Buy a haircut, get shampoo for free. Or buy a dinner for two, we offer dessert.

Make sure that what you offer as “extra” does not cost you much. You often have stock items you still want to get rid of, and the small dessert does not cost much for your company.

The good thing about corona is that you can create corona deals. Your customers understand that this is temporary, and do not expect to receive the same offers when the corona pandemic is over.

Step 4: Cashback or 10th free

Many entrepreneurs now use the cashback principle to increase the company’s sales during the corona. This can mean, for example: “Buy for 50, get 5 back as a gift card”. It’s really just a discount, but feels psychologically more attractive.

Another classic way to create loyalty and additional sales is the “10-card”. Buy 9 and get the 10th for free. Works great in cafes and restaurants!

Step 5: Do the job – sales during the corona do not come for free

Okay, you have a customer register, right? Take a list of the company’s 25 best customers and call them in person. Ask how they are – they too long for human contact! Also ask how you can help them right now.

Do not do more than that. Selling hard on them is probably the wrong strategy right now. Let them know that you are there for them and that you are happy to help them. It will pay off in the long run, and we must build for the future even in tough times.

Step 6: Explore the digital possibilities

You know it’s time to start working more digitally, and the corona pandemic has pushed development five or maybe ten years ahead. How is your company located? and how can you use digital channels to increase sales during corona?

  • If you have an e-commerce business, focus on pushing and developing it.
  • Offer as good service digitally as “in real life”. Personal contact via chat, phone or video link works perfectly well.
  • If it feels difficult with all the new features – start with a Facebook group or Messenger for customer service and customer contact.
  • Remember that many long for human contact. Can you create a digital forum where customers can meet and learn from each other? If you have a café, you may be able to create a “Bake without sugar group” that brings together your customers and many more. It really gives goodwill and in the long run more customers.
  • Start a YouTube channel where you make simple videos and share your expertise. If you have time right now, this can bring huge profits for the future!
  • Step 7: Increase sales during corona with digital advertising

Many people keep their wallets tight during the pandemic. If you can afford to invest, do it. Advertising is cheaper than usual and customers are still there. The only question is which offer are they launching right now?

The easiest way to get started is Google Ad Words and Facebook Ads (Facebook and Instagram). Do a test campaign with three different messages. The algorithms in these systems work out which one works best. Once you have received the answer, you keep the one that works best and complete with two new messages. Then continue like this until you get the right effect.

With so-called A / B testing, you can radically reduce the price per click / purchase. This is how it is worth spending time – especially now that advertising is cheaper than before. Focus on your local market to avoid struggling with large marketing budgets on general keywords.

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