6 Smart Tips for Companies to Create Higher Engagement in Social Media

6 Smart Tips for Companies to Create Higher Engagement in Social Media

A quick insight into Instagram and we immediately understand why this channel is so important today.

The network, which today has more than 1 billion users and where it is “liked” over 2 billion photos and videos daily, is today by far the most important social media platform to exist and focus on.

A post on Instagram gets over 15 times higher engagement than Facebook and 40 times higher than on Twitter. Wow!

Sharing photos is fun. But how fun is it if you do not reach your large audience with your content? In fact, many publish photos daily without increasing the number of followers and after a while you lose the glow. Therefore, we have now collected the 6 best tips for success on Instagram, both in the short and long run!

Share images that are relevant to your target audience

The purpose of this is to publish images aimed at the target group you want to attract. Who are they? What do they like? It is always important to keep a high quality of the content, good brightness of the images and variety – but at the same time a consistent common thread in the flow.

Hashtags are easy to use and the images end up in the right environment

This tip is simple and very effective: If the channel has a common thread in its content, you should also use similar and relevant hashtags for each publication. This significantly increases the chances of continuously gaining new followers. Users often click on hashtags to look for inspiration, explore new trends and news. See which hashtags are used most often here!

Schedule your publications in advance

Lategramme is a good tool that enables scheduling for your publications. The app is easy to use and saves time for those who want to keep a steady pace between publications (which is always recommended). Uploading images with continuity is the key to growing your account!

Best day of the week to publish?

An issue that is constantly debated. Sundays are the weekday that has the least publications, even though many are free and active on Instagram. Publishing on Sundays thus increases your chances of being seen as your image does not disappear in the flow.

Branded #hashtags

Creating a branded hashtag is not very difficult and can create big buzz about your brand and engagement in social media. The hashtag should be short and easy to use. If we look at Gopro’s Instagram account, we can quickly see that they have succeeded very well with this. They have easily grouped their followers by asking their followers to tag #GoProSnow, #GoProMusic or #GoProGolf – the environment they are in simply. This creates a community and will provide user-generated content that you can republish. Read more here!

Be sure to be active and communicate with your followers

To increase engagement and build a relationship between your followers and your brand, it is important to also have a high presence on social media and communicate two-way with them. Take time to comment and “like” pictures with users who belong to your target group and among your followers. It is extremely relationship building and means that the commitment also increases in your account.

Quick checklist:

✓ Relevant, high-quality images
✓ Use relevant hashtags and the target group will find you
✓ Maintain an even continuity in your publications
✓ Publish on Sundays
✓ Be active! Like pictures, respond to comments. Encourage interaction by, for example, asking questions in the comment fields.

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