Find influencers free: a complete guide

How to Find Influencers Free: a Complete Guide

Looking to find influencers for free? Looking for free influencer marketing tools?

Influencer marketing is considered to be but is not actually a new phenomenon. For centuries, companies have used celebrities and other influential people to sell products. Back in the days, it was Elvis Presley drinking a Coca-Cola, and today, it is social media influencers that have the power.

Things have certainly changed, but the core principle of influencer marketing still remains. Humans look up to other humans, and humans also tend to trust peer recommendations. As a result, companies that learn how to leverage other people to promote and recommend them can generate amazing marketing results.

What has changed influencer marketing in today’s society, however, is social media. In fact, social media has completely revolutionized, and commoditized influencer marketing, both for companies, but also for consumers.

Today, virtually anyone can become a social media influencer and an authority within their industry. Back in the days, this was limited to only a few. 92% of people trust peer recommendations, and with that in mind, it is easy to understand why influencer marketing, when done right, can generate amazing results. Billions of people are using social media, and this makes it a tremendous tool as a company to reach your companies through.

But as a company, what you say is listened to with skepticism since everyone knows companies’ true agenda- which is to make money and sell more products. As a result, a great way to communicate your messages is to have influencers communicate them and to communicate them to people who are relevant to your company.

This brings us to the purpose of this article.

People look up to different people. Some people look up to the President, while others look up, trust, and listen to, their favorite YouTuber. And obviously, if you are a brand that sells beauty products, you wouldn’t generate very good results if you have a male influencer promote your products, even though they are trusted authority individuals.

The bottom line is: if you want to succeed with influencer marketing, you not only need to find social media influencers, you also need to find highly relevant and targeted influencers.

The problem is, finding suitable influencers for your company is not the easiest task. In fact, companies have identified finding influencers as the single biggest challenge of influencer marketing.

Now finding an influencer on social media is not hard.

They’re everywhere!

The difficult part is finding relevant, targeted influencers that will actually help you reach your target audience.

This is why influencer search tools come in handy. Influencer search tools have gathered thousands of influencers in one place and then allows you to filter and search for individuals who are relevant to your brand.

In this article, we’re sharing our free influencer search tool and free influencer marketing tool, but we’re also going into detail about how to find influencers for free.

How to think about influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing has gone from being one of the later 21st century buzzwords to an established way of working with marketing when it comes to products and services. Large and small companies make use of influencers on various social media channels for collaborations. Some have found great success while others are struggling to find the right influencers to work with, and thus struggle with generating great results.

There are several smart tips to keep in mind when working with influencer marketing and to find the right collaborations.

1. Look at successful businesses in your industry

Whether you are selling services or products, there are others, either nationally or internationally, that does the same as you and has found success in influencing marketing on social media. Search for these companies on Instagram, Youtube or similar social platforms through keywords or hashtags to form an idea of how your market works.

For example, if your competitor has given out samples or similar to influencers in exchange for social media posts or a YouTube video, chances are you could see great success from this as well. This is information that you can easily pick up by checking out social media. Another tip is to use services like – it shows you roughly where the traffic to certain web pages comes from, in other words, you can, for example, discover which blogger generated the most traffic to your competitor.

2. Look at successful companies in your industry

When you learn how your competitors work and how your market works, it’s time to look for which influencers are right for your brand. This is best done by starting from your own target audience and through cold hard data and not feelings. What is your biggest target group? We say that you sell glasses, and your biggest target audience is American men aged 20-40 and that through a survey you have discovered, and you’ve found that they are passionate about ball sports, electronics and outdoor life as interests.

Reasonably, sports profiles such as football players or adventurers should be a good group for you to start exploring. In order to confirm your clues, it is always best to ask your customers who they follow for inspiration or see what their interests are on Facebook or Instagram.

3. Search smart

Looking for influencers can be time-consuming, but there are tips that make the process easier. There are several ways to find the right profiles to work with. One of these is to check what your competitors or other companies are using and contact them. The other way is to start from an influencer on Instagram and find more people in the same segment with a similar target audience.

You do this by entering the account on Instagram and clicking on “Following / Followers”. There you will get a list of a lot of names and probably find a list of influencers who may be relevant to your brand, then repeat the process of building your network. On Youtube you can do the same by seeing what that profile recommends, this can be found when you click on the profile and presented with suggestions on the right side.

4. Don’t take first best

Influencers are available everywhere on all social platforms and on Instagram. But a challenge is that all social media platforms full of profiles that bought followers and Instagram give you zero insight into how the profiles’ statistics look. Once you have found a profile that seems to match what you are looking for, you can use tools like to see their growth. A too steep curve may indicate bought followers, natural growth usually increases over time.

5. Ask questions

If you are planning to allocate some of your budgets to influencer marketing then you have to look to ask relevant questions about the influencer. The answers must then be consistent with what you are looking for, ie the right target group etc as discussed above. Ask the influencers to share their statistics, previous collaborations and why not try to negotiate the price?

Influencers are not always aware of what they themselves are worth or take too much price versus what one might expect to get back. When you discuss price, therefore, count on what this means for you, how many products sold, downloads or leads do you need to count your investment? In other words, how valuable is the influencer partnership worth for you? Unless your bet is pure branding, conversions should always be your main goal.

Last but not least: Realize that influencer marketing is time-consuming and requires continuous work to give your business the results you are looking for.

More and more companies are working with influencers, people who have a large crowd of followers who can become ambassadors for your brand. But how do you find the best influencers for your business? These steps can help you:
It is not enough just to have one or more influencers, it needs to be the right influencers. Brian Mechem, co-founder and COO on Grin, believes that:

“Anyone with a personality online can potentially become an influencer as brands want to awaken … but it takes hard work, focus and attention to develop the confidence needed to be effective. The right influencer to the right audience can have a big impact. But hiring anyone with a large following is a great way to waste your marketing budget.”

In order to avoid wasting money, here are some tips for finding the best influencers for your brand:

Know your audience. Are the followers of the influencer your target audience and the people you want to reach? Know which people you are trying to reach. Use your insights and look for the influencers on social media where these people exist.

Understand the potential of influencers for your industry. Influencers are suitable for many, but not all industries. There are some industries where influencers create a lot of engagement and passion among their followers. Some of these are travel, family, cooking, children and parenting, beauty, fashion, technology, cars, and health. These are the areas where you see most companies working with influencers. Make sure you use influencers because they can positively affect your business, and not just because everyone else does.

Assess the scope. It is not crucial that the influencers you partner with have the best reach. Studies show that influencers with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers can be much more efficient than those who have over 500,000 followers. These are considered  “micro-influencers” Your influencers need to feel genuine, otherwise, they will not be able to influence and influence their followers to the point where they convince people to buy from you.

Uses multiple communication methods. A good influencer not only uploads images, but creates infographics, makes videos, streams live, makes podcasts, and writes. Explore different kinds of content rather than a simple photo. It creates a variation, and thus a higher involvement with the followers. Occasionally posting polls or questions can also boost the followers’ interest. Try get the influencers you partner with to mix their content to create a more engaging campaign.

Assess the results of your posts. A good influencer creates headlines and content that the followers link to and share with their friends. Try to assess the extent to which the followers engage and spread the word rather than just.

Mixes influencer perspective. A good influencer does not always have the same type of posts but can do more general descriptions, make deeper analyzes or short impact statements. The followers want different things at different times, and following the same template for the posts quickly becomes tiring. Make sure you diversify your content.
They have a local connection. Although many people follow the big stars, a small, local influencer can have a huge impact on their followers because people know who they are.  A local influencer can also be easier to relate to than the really big ones, while you get a better outcome.
Remember that it is important for the influencer to still feel genuine and authentic. As soon as they start to sell hardcore,  the followers will lose interest. So do your research and for a dialogue about how a collaboration will look.

How to find influencers free: Veloce free influencer directory

If you’re looking for free influencers, you’ll be happy to hear that we have developed a free influencer directory that allows you to search among thousands of influencers based on a number of different factors so that you can find highly targeted and relevant influencers that will generate results worthwhile. Considering the fact that marketers identify finding influencers as the single biggest challenge in influencer marketing, we hope that you will find this free influencer directory helpful.

Have a look at our free influencer directory now!

Article provided by a contributor to Veloce Network.

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