What you need to know when choosing a casino game development company?

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Now more and more people dream of creating their own game. And not a simple one, but a real online casino.  Therefore, today we will figure out what you need to know in order to choose a good company. Before starting, it is important to mention that you can order a good project from Whimsygames – game animation company.

 1. What are the capabilities and potential of the developer?

Not all developers have the same “package of services” and, most importantly, equal opportunities (and sometimes even on unfavorable terms).  The first thing to look at is how this publisher can be useful for your game.

The best proof of a publisher’s ability is in the games they release and their metrics.

The publisher must have proven marketing channels and solutions that work.  There are, of course, novice publishers, but in any case they must have their own successful projects, from which it can be concluded whether the publisher is wealthy or not. Some casinos may choose to buy casino backlinks to further grow their online presence.

2. Does the publisher have professional and experienced producers?

Developing a game and producing it are two fundamentally different tasks. Promotion requires a holistic knowledge of the market, player desires, competitor analysis, genres, and key mechanics.

The producer needs to know which mechanics work best and which ones are right for your game. It is very important to understand the scale of marketing costs for your game, as well as its desired and actually achievable indicators (retention, life-time, etc.) and how to achieve them.

Ideally, a publisher will help you with this. His experience will save you development time and prevent you from making common and completely unnecessary mistakes. These can be any issues related to development and promotion: technical, product, interface, viral, etc. Be prepared for the publisher to suggest changes – working together to improve the game will help you learn from the experience and increase the chances of success.

 3. Does the developer have his own development experience?

It is very important to understand whether the developer can be useful to you from a development point of view and whether he is able to speak the same language with you. A developer with development experience has already encountered highly loaded servers, optimization, has solutions for working with statistics, in general, must offer a systematic approach to solving many problems.

In short, the publisher must be able to make games and make money on them. Therefore, ask his opinion on all questions, get an answer from him, how he sees your game, what changes need to be made and how to supplement it.

If there is a publisher that specializes in games of your particular genre, then they are the best at giving you tips on how to make your game better than general publishers.  Also, remember that PC is not equal to mobile and adapting the experience to the rapidly changing mobile market is imperative.

 4. Does the developer have a desire to work on your game?

The question seems a little strange, why should a developer “sign a game” if he does not want to work on it ?!  Nevertheless, it happens that the publishers, having signed the game, quickly lose interest in it, and it ends up “on the shelf”.  At the same time, the publisher loses almost nothing (except for his time), and the developer at least threw away several months of his work, in which he put his soul into it.

Feel free to ask the developer questions about his plans.  Ask what will happen if, after launching the game, the indicators are not as expected. Will you continue to work on improving the game, increasing conversions and key metrics?  Has the publisher had a similar success story?  Or does his portfolio contain most of the games that he forgot about a week after the trial launch?

Now you know how to choose a good developer for your casino game.

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