Which are Eco-Friendly Mattresses? How to buy?

In the past, mattresses, because of bad materials, can lead to many problems and harm human health. Today, when people buy mattresses, they are also paying more attention to its environmental protection.

If you want to buy environmentally friendly mattresses, you need to know what to look for and what to pay attention to.

1. What are the materials of environmentally friendly mattresses?

1), Coconut palm

Coconut palm mattress is the use of coconut shells on the surface of fiber production, and the use of hand-made manufacturing methods, without adding any harmful substances, so that it is healthy and environmentally friendly, to help everyone improve the sleep environment, thus winning the current many consumers love.

The material used in various parts of the coconut coir mattress is slightly different, but all according to the material characteristics, it will be placed in the right place, making its products more durable. Environmentally friendly coconut palm mattress using adhesive is natural latex, while the more inferior products are chemically synthesized station adhesive, so you want to buy an environmentally friendly mattress also depends on the details.

2), Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses are used to build a slow-return space material, memory foam can open viscous cell material, which will be more sensitive to temperature, to be able to accurately shape the contours of the human body, and rebound time is relatively long. Memory foam mattresses because of the characteristics of the internal material, with the characteristics of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mites, and very breathable, lying on it is very transparent and comfortable, especially for children and some more allergy-prone users. Memory foam mattresses after many improvements, according to their own characteristics, with different temperature parts to provide the right support, so that everyone’s spine can get the best posture relaxation.

3), Natural latex

Natural latex mattress raw materials are collected from the rubber tree sap, and then through a series of exquisite processing technology and the use of current high-tech will be made, from nature, did not add any will be toxic bit material so that its products healthy and environmentally friendly.

Natural latex mattress has good elasticity, reasonable internal fiber structure, can have better support, the mattress can also increase the human body and the contact area of the mattress, and can evenly disperse more human body weight, so that people of different weights to enjoy a comfortable sleep. And natural latex mattress also has the characteristics of sterilization, the bacteria inside will be much less.

2. The purchase of environmentally friendly mattresses needs to pay attention to what?

1), Look at the material

Begin by looking at the material is the most important step. General environmental mattresses, the quality of their materials are tested by the state, will have the corresponding certificate. So consumers in the selection, be sure to show this proof of business, so as not to fail the quality.

2), Look at the details

The second major skill is to see its details. General quality qualified environmental mattress, its details of workmanship is very good, there will be no hairy edge. So consumers in the selection, but also pay attention to check its corners, so as not to have defects.

3), Smell

General quality qualified environmental mattress, its smell is a light fragrance, and poor quality mattress, its smell is more pungent. So consumers in the selection, you can use your nose to smell.

4) , Touch

General quality qualified environmental mattress, its surface is relatively smooth, and its feel is also more delicate and soft. Remember to use your hands to feel it when selecting.

What are the materials of environmental protection mattresses? There are many mattresses under the banner of environmental protection, in fact, the materials used have nothing to do with environmental protection, when buying a mattress should have some attention to its composition. The selection of environmentally friendly mattresses needs to pay attention to what? The main thing is to choose a big brand of products, quality assurance, and after-sales service is also good enough.

5), Physical experience

If you are a side sleeper, you need to find the best Mattress for Side Sleepers, and if you are a stomach sleeper, you need to find the best Mattress for stomach Sleepers.

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